The new French National Identity Card is awarded the prize for the best identity card

PARIS, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The new French electronic National Identity Card (eID) has been awarded the prestigious Best New National ID Card prize by Reconnaissance International at the HSP Awards EMEA (High Security Printing for EuropeAfricaMiddle East). Awarded by a jury of independent international experts, it recognises the outstanding achievement and technical sophistication of this personal identification document program thanks to French Ministry of the Interior, ANTS (Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés) and IN Groupe’s work in the design and production of the new French eID.


New French electronic National Identity Card awarded the prize for the best identity card in the world
New French electronic National Identity Card awarded the prize for the best identity card in the world


An identity document at the cutting edge of technology

In accordance with Regulation, France has deployed a new identity card, more secure, convenient and innovative. This card can be used to prove one’s identity and serves as a travel document in the European Union. More than 2 million new eID(s) have already been issued since June 2021.

Designed to meet French citizens’ everyday needs, this next-generation polycarbonate card can be used for up to 10 years. It incorporates both tried and tested security features and innovations whose security design has been validated by the experts of the Ministry of the Interior.

The card incorporates new security features: the DOVID is a new-generation holographic device, the secure background extends into the transparent border of the card, a Visible Digital Seal allows the card to be digitally signed and ensures the integrity and origin of the credentials should it be impossible to access the data on the highly secured chip.

IN Groupe at the service of the State

In the French National Identity Card program, IN Groupe acts as a solutions integrator, relying on the contribution of some twenty different companies. IN Groupe qualifies, tests and selects, according to the ANTS specifications and the expected security targets, the best technologies, components and IT systems that the French government needs to build the most secure document.

IN Groupe is a public limited company, guaranteeing France sovereignty to issue its legal identity documents, providing the French government an industrial operator that keeps the identity technologies and technological patents in France.

For IN Groupe, identity and its protection are at the heart of its raison d’être because it insures States’ sovereignty and trust with their citizens. Especially since legal identity remains the reference identity among all others both in the physical and digital worlds.

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