“Mate for Money” shakes up Chess

ChessMoney is now the fastest growing online chess game in the world.

DENVER, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The world of chess is not known for controversy, but change is happening. The Queen’s Gambit video series featured a star that challenged the world of conventional chess and resulted in a surge of global interest in chess. ChessMoney is now shaking up chess with provocative advertising and a new innovative online chess gaming service that enables any qualified adult to enjoy the thrill of playing chess for money.

ChessMoney "Mate for Money" Facebook Ad
ChessMoney "Mate for Money" Facebook Ad

ChessMoney’s advertising tag line is "Mate for Money", which in English has a sexual connotation and in Spanish means kill for money. The campaign has raised eyebrows. Some question the tie-up with chess, while others see it is a clever attention getter. The ChessMoney campaign has already attracted tens of thousands of adults, who have qualified and are now able to readily play online chess for money.

ChessMoney makes playing online chess for money easy, fair, safe, and legal:

  • Easy – Any adult with Internet access can play. Even users who do not qualify to play for money can appreciate that it costs nothing to play online chess at ChessMoney, and that it has no ads!
  • Fair – ChessMoney enables qualified adult players of all skill levels to play chess for money. Game wagers are handicapped based on the chess skill rating (ELO) of each player, so that a player that is twice as likely to beat an opponent needs to wager twice as much.
  • Safe – ChessMoney has developed patent-pending technology and algorithms that automate cheat detection and identifies users who are playing well above or well below their expected level of play relative to their chess skill rating, as well as spots other various forms of cheating.
  • Legal – Chess is a pure game of skill as it does not involve any luck. In most countries in the world, it is legal for adults to play chess for money, but some countries or states do have their own regulations regarding what constitutes a legal wager, or the age of adults allowed to wager.

Playing chess for money in clubs and parks has long been a hidden chess pleasure around the world. ChessMoney has uncovered that playing online chess for money has strong appeal among young adult chess players, as well as among adults of all ages looking to add more excitement to the game of chess.

One of the top players on ChessMoney is Felix Abarra from the Philippines, who says: "I am grateful for ChessMoney as it has enabled me to win real money playing online chess, which I love doing."

Since ChessMoney is currently in a Beta trial phase, interested adults can get a free US$10 credit when they register and qualify to play online chess for money. Enjoy and prosper!

ChessMoney LLC is a skill-based, online chess gaming service that enables qualified adults across the world to make handicapped wagers when they play online chess games at www.chessmoney.com.

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