PlayNitride Will Kick Off the CES 2022 with a Virtual Exhibition of MicroLED

HSINCHU, Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – PlayNitride Display Co., Ltd (PlayNitride) will hold a virtual exhibition of MicroLED, the next generation of display technology at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2022 Las Vegas, from January 5 to 31, 2022.

PlayNitride will be showcasing its latest technology online with four major application scenario demos including modular-large size display, transparent display, wearable display, and AR micro-display.

PlayNitride is unveiling the latest MicroLED Solutions
PlayNitride is unveiling the latest MicroLED Solutions

MicroLED is the ultimate new generation display technology with high brightness, ultra-high contrast ratio, transparent, flexible display, seamless tiling, and low power consumption. PlayNitride develops a distinctive MicroLED called PixeLED for high performance and more innovative display applications, such as TFT backplane, PCB, and the silicon chip.

Dr. Yun-Li Li, CEO of PlayNitride said, "PlayNitride has dedicated itself to integrating the MicroLED ecosystem for both existing and emerging applications. Currently, we are one of few companies that is capable of showcasing the readiness of MicroLED displays for various possibilities. With our technology, we can provide solutions to accelerate the growth of MicroLED-based applications across sectors."

Showcasing four advanced solutions by PlayNitride

The first demo that will be showcased online at CES 2022 is the award-winning Modular MicroLED Display, a 37-inch FHD PixeLED MatrixTM MicroLED display. This technology is based on a PCB board that can be tiled seamlessly. Each unit module can be repaired individually, while the outstanding contrast performance projects the depth of field and wide color gamut performs a delicate picture quality.

Next is the Transparent MicroLED Display. It is a 7.56-inch Transparent PixeLED? MicroLED Display with 60% transparency in 114 PPI (pixel per inch) density. It is a see-through display with high brightness and will be part of the future automotive industry for the windshield, side windows, and interior design applications.

The third one is the Wearable MicroLED Display, with a 1.39-inch Circular PixeLED? technology, an ultra-high 338 PPI showing retina level performance, and an ultra-bright display offering excellent readability under sunlight. With this, users can see precise and tiny words on a smartwatch similar to a tiny computer on the wrist.

Lastly, PlayNitride will also present the Augmented Reality (AR) MicroLED Display that has a 0.39-inch 1411 PPI full-color µ-PixeLED™. It is the key component of Metaverse’s AR glasses, which have full color with 50K nits brightness and high pixel density.

"With these virtual demos, PlayNitride showcases our extensive experiences on MicroLED technology, from the traditional display to the advanced automotive applications. Seeing these current shifting needs of display technology, we are confident that the MicroLED will be widely adopted moving forward as the ultimate performance solution for the ever-evolving display industry," said Falcon Liu, Marketing Director of PlayNitride.

PlayNitride’s expertise in MicroLED display technology has been acknowledged with a Special Recognition Award from the Society for Information Display (SID) 2020 for Dr. Yun-Li Li, CEO of PlayNitride and team for their contribution to the development and commercialization of MicroLED technology.

For further information about PlayNitride, visit the website and Linkedin account PlayNitride for the latest information on the company and MicroLED display applications. 

About PlayNitride Display Co., Ltd

PlayNitride Display Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2014, gathered a group of companions aiming to "Change the world" and bring through the innovative R&D and diverse business models. PlayNitride has become a leading company in MicroLED technology, enabling customers to shape the future. Currently, PlayNitride is a reliable partner of many global top companies, including the Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese display manufacturers and well-known brand system vendors.


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