coocaa & Skyworth in 2021: An Unstoppable TV Brand in Southeast Asia

MANILA, Philippines, Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — While 2021 saw all of Southeast Asia in the midst of an epidemic, coocaa and Skyworth bucked the trend and achieved what few could during COVID-19. Using various online activities and campaigns on social media platforms, coocaa and Skyworth stimulated consumption and helped the Southeast Asian economy find its feet throughout the epidemic.

In the beginning of 2021, coocaa officially signed cooperation agreements with AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 to support the tournament across Southeast Asia. By jointly launching various online and offline activities with AFF Suzuki Cup, coocaa has deeply impressed the younger generation in Southeast Asia with its fashionable and lively image. Meanwhile, coocaa successfully garnered over a thousand KOLs and KOCs to join in the interactive activities, covering multiple mainstream platforms (mainly YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok) and media sources. This led to a steady growth in the number of fans across regional social media accounts and allow coocaa to shine a light on the brand’s voice and exposure. 2021 has also witnessed Skyworth’s diversified activities in Southeast Asia, such as Juventus brand endorsement, free order during Tokyo Olympics, etc., winning remarkable popularity over the region.

coocaa & Skyworth in 2021 An Unstoppable TV Brand in Southeast Asia
coocaa & Skyworth in 2021 An Unstoppable TV Brand in Southeast Asia

coocaa’s most notable accomplishments in 2021 can be accredited to all mainstream e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. The brand went non-stop in ranking first place on the Vietnamese platform, Lazada, winning the title of Lazada’s Best Brand of The Year. In Indonesia, coocaa was also shown to rank first in the country’s ecommerce omni-channel sales, breaking Indonesia’s JD TV category sales record. Lazada in the Philippines continued to see coocaa rank first throughout the year, while in Thailand, coocaa harvested an astonishing 127% YoY in annual sales growth, and earned a spot in Shopee’s the "Top 5 TV Brands" in Malaysia.

Despite an ongoing epidemic, Skyworth unleashed a surprise attack against the market, turning the tide to reach net sales of ¥373 million, with sales of the flagship G3A increasing by 85% YoY.

coocaa has adhered nonstop to explore, discover, create. This upcoming 2022, coocaa will undoubtedly maintain its original aspirations moving forward, as it shines light into New Year’s Day through another series of activities, as we search, discover and attract even more like-minded cooLife Players.

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coocaa is a leading provider of smart TVs, system R&D, and content operating systems, in aims to help customers around the world "Explore, Discover, Create". Founded in 2006, coocaa has established operations across Europe, India and Southeast Asia.  With its innovative technology, coocaa is committed to developing smart and trendy products that feature sleek and fun designs to meet the needs of the younger generation.

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