Seoul National University will participate in CES 2022 with 10 prospective unicorns

– Introducing next-generation innovative technologies owned by the university such as AI, healthcare and robots

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Seoul National University (President Se-Jung OH) will dispatch the "SNU Exhibition Group" to the world’s largest IT and home appliance exhibition (CES) 2022 to be held in Las Vegas for four days from January 5th of the new year, and showcase representative startups and core start-up technologies.

Seoul National University participating in CES 2022, promoted at Times Square in the United States (December 16, 2021).
Seoul National University participating in CES 2022, promoted at Times Square in the United States (December 16, 2021).

Seoul National University’s participation in CES was ambitiously designed to introduce the excellence of Seoul National University’s technology to the world for the second time since 2020, and to provide opportunities to develop a global market and attract investment in promising start-ups are expected to be prospective unicorns.

The Seoul National University Exhibition Hall, which is scheduled to be installed as a pavilion of about 148? (1,600 ft²) in Eureka Park, Las Vegas, will mainly consist of startups using university technology and invested by Seoul National University Technology Holdings. It plans to introduce start-up technologies of Seoul National University’s leading startups with great growth potential, in areas of medical devices, bio-healthcare, avatar robot technologies as well as AI, which have been drawing attention recently.

There are 10 companies participating in the exhibition hall, including Supertone Co., Ltd. (AI speech synthesis and enhancement technology), ClariPi Co., Ltd. (AI medical video solution), Ouar Lab Co., Ltd. (AI sleep apnea treatment device), Baz Biomedic Co., Ltd. (pain-free drug injector), EMOCOG Co., Ltd. (digital dementia treatment), Gwanak Analog Co., Ltd. (deep learning-based speech synthesis system), DyRos (avatar robot), aweXome Ray Co., Ltd. (smart air sterilization/purification device), Ion Medical Co., Ltd. (plasma treatment device for hospitals), GymT Co., Ltd. (personal home training app).

In addition, Seoul National University will support participating companies by dispatching a separate ‘Student Supporters Team’ selected through a monthly public contest and fierce competition with the goal of nurturing global entrepreneurial talents are matched 1:1 with the 10 companies. The students will get a valuable opportunity to participate in company introduction activities and observe world-class future technology at the same time.

Haecheon Choi, Vice President for Research Affairs and Head of R&DB Foundation, who is in charge of the CES participation, said, "Seoul National University’s participation in CES 2022 is a good way to promote the morale of SNU startups that are experiencing remarkable growth in recent years. It will be an opportunity to inform the world of the excellence of their own research and technology," and "Seoul National University will continue to support startups to discover more global hidden champions."

Like the catchphrase "No. 1. K-Technology," we hope that this participation will introduce Korea’s best technology to the world and provide a bridgehead for startups to enter overseas markets.

About Seoul National University

Seoul National University is Korea’s No. 1. comprehensive university established in 1946.

A total of 15 colleges, 13 general (professional) graduate schools, and about 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students will lead global academic-industry-technology development.


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