Avalanche Computing Launches Revolutionary Low-Code AI Tool at CES 2022

Deep tech firm’s new low-code tool, hAIsten AI, speeds up AI development, allowing users to train AI models with minimum effort in coding and deploy AI with a single click.

TAIPEI, Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwanese deep tech and hyper-scale computing developer Avalanche Computing is launching its revolutionary low-code artificial intelligence (AI) tool, hAIsten AI, on the global stage at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

hAIsten AI: a revolutionary AI tool launched by a Taiwan-based startup, Avalanche Computing
hAIsten AI: a revolutionary AI tool launched by a Taiwan-based startup, Avalanche Computing

Avalanche Computing will be showcasing their latest technology at the TTA Pavilion at Booth 61423 and 61837 in Sands — Hall G, Eureka Park, Las Vegas Convention Center, on 5-8 January 2022. With hAIsten AI, they will demonstrate how to train AI models using multiGPUs without coding and deploy AI with a single click.

hAIsten AI, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that speeds up AI development with just a few clicks, will be unveiled at CES 2022 following unprecedented interest in Avalanche Computing’s low-code solutions at CES 2021.

hAIsten AI aims to improve time-consuming process with a single click

AI development is typically a time-consuming process that takes more than a year, with the involvement of costly high-quality talent such as data scientists, engineers, domain experts, and managers. The model inference process alone can take another 12 to 24 months before deployment kicks in. After an AI model is completed, developers still need to spend time and hire engineers to deploy their AI models.

The so-called traditional way of developing AI also eats up a massive amount of time, as waiting for computing takes up to 80% of that time. Both these time and cost barriers keep small businesses from competing on a level playing field with larger businesses with deeper pockets.

hAIsten AI is a game changer: the low-code AI software leverages multi-GPUs to speed up AI development and shortens the AI development cycle from years to months.

hAIsten AI features accelerated model training with multiple GPUs and test multiple algorithms within a short period, one-command AI model deployment, and real-time dashboard monitoring so users can monitor their model training status and manage all models for better AI operations. Everyone will be able to use hAIsten AI to create AI applications with just a few clicks, making AI accessible for all.

Avalanche Computing (Taiwan) co-founder and CEO Jay Chen said, "We are really excited to share hAIsten AI with CES 2022 participants and believe this tool will revolutionize how data scientists train their algorithms, creating more parity in the AI development space."

Co-founder Jason Huang concurred, adding, "Our technology enables teams to bring their new products to the market faster, supporting their competitiveness in the fast-evolving AI arena."

hAIsten AI supports AI model training and deployment on both cloud and edge devices. It is compatible with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure cloud solutions as well as NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and OpenVino hardware.

About Avalanche Computing Taiwan Inc.

Avalanche Computing is a deep tech and hyper-scale computing startup based in Taipei, Taiwan and California, U.S. that focuses on providing low-code tools to speed up AI development and make programming life easier. Led by a team with experience in AI and big data industries, Avalanche Computing’s newest SaaS product – hAIsten AI –  supports NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Intel hardware.

Avalanche Computing has won multiple awards for its AI solutions, including two Best Startup (Taiwan and APAC) by EE Times Awards Asia, Deep Tech Pioneer by Hello Tomorrow, and two AI awards from AI media in the U.K. Avalanche Computing was one of only 10 software pitch teams in the selectUSA summit, Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneer, and made the top 10 at the Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge 2021.

For more information, please visit avalanc.com or read our blog to stay updated on AI development trends. You can also follow Avalanche Computing on LinkedIn, Twitter and Crunchbase.


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