Manipulate Space and Time With New Sage Class, Available Now in Black Desert Mobile

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Pearl Abyss announced today that the exciting new Sage class is now available in Black Desert Mobile. This week, Adventurers can also look forward to new game content Atumach Skirmish, where 25 players are put into groups of five to compete for rewards. 

Manipulate Space and Time With New Sage Class, Available Now in Black Desert Mobile
Manipulate Space and Time With New Sage Class, Available Now in Black Desert Mobile

Sage, the Last Ancient, is a caster-type class and a master of space and time that unleashes astounding, destructive power. Wielding the cube-shaped Kyve as his main weapon, he opens rifts in space and calls forth Ator’s Energy and an array of powerful offensive magic.  

His unique abilities will allow Adventurers to experiment with skill combinations and find unique ways to gain the upper hand in different combat situations. The sub-weapon, Talisman, also enables Sage to adopt a free flow form and move with incredible speed through portals.  

Sage’s skills include 

  • Rift Chain: Open a portal to another dimension by placing the Kyve near an enemy, then retract the Kyve to close the portal and thus damage the enemy.
  • Judgment of Ator: Summon the power of Ator from above, then send it crashing down upon the enemy.
  • Wormhole: Lunge your body into Kyve’s temporal space to travel safely over a short distance.
  • Spatial Shatter: Deal massive damage to enemies by destroying the space around them.

To celebrate Sage’s release, a lucrative level-up event is taking place until November 29. Adventurers who level up their Sage to level 70 will receive valuable rewards such as 1000 Black Pearls, a Tier 7 Pet and a Legendary Costume Set Chest. 

Last but not least, those who like competitive co-op play can now enjoy the Atumach Skirmish event, a battleground where 25 Adventurers are placed in 5 factions of 5 people. Factions are then pit against each other with the match ending once King Griffon is defeated. At the end of the Skirmish, participants can earn Atumach’s Seals and exchange them for rewards. 

Visit Black Desert Mobile‘s official website for more information.  


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