Cyclone Robotics Launches End-To-End Hyperautomation Product Portfolio to Boost Digital Economy in Asia Pacific, Enabling Automation Across All Stages of Digital Transformation

SHANGHAI, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cyclone Robotics, the world’s leading RPA provider and thought leader in the era of hyperautomation, launched its enterprise-level product portfolio with end-to-end automation solutions, and announced its expanded global partnership strategy. Strengthened by its product innovation, rich experience in hyperautomation, and extensive global partnership network, Cyclone Robotics aims to fully empower local businesses’ digital transformations across all stages to accelerate the digital economy’s development in Asia Pacific.

Cyclone Robotics’ solutions cover the whole lifecycle of digital transformation including phases of requirements discovery, design, management and engagement, creating a positive feedback loop that accelerates improvements. Furthermore, it integrates with various technologies such as process mining, analysis, AL/ML, iBPMS, iPAAS and zero-code development on the platform, becoming one of the important components of enterprise-level architecture in the digital era.

Cyclone RPA products and solutions run across every stage of digital transformation
Cyclone RPA products and solutions run across every stage of digital transformation

Earlier this year, the world-leading independent research institution Gartner identified hyperautomation as one of the top strategic technology trends of 2022, and noted that RPA enriched by AI has become the core enabling technology of hyperautomation. As an early driver of this trend, Cyclone Robotics recently launched its innovative AI Skill Platform, which supports multiple forms of AI capabilities from software to hardware as well as the CIRI Digital Assistant that seamlessly connects human, digital robot and enterprise system. It is worth mentioning that it also launched RPA Mobile Designer and Mobile App that allow everyone to operate wireless automation process in an easier way.

"As the industry leader driving the future of hyperautomation, Cyclone Robotics has stayed ahead of the trends and invested heavily in product development to provide end-to-end hyperautomation solutions. With better integration between IT and businesses, and a more flexible selection of products, we not only can empower businesses to improve individual task efficiencies, but also provide departmental and enterprise-level RPA solutions for the next stage of their digital transformations as they continue to advance." said Vincent Gao, founder and CEO of Cyclone Robotics.

According to Dr. Jia, Chief Product Officer of Cyclone Robotics, RPA has evolved over the years from its basic stages to the current RPA+, which requires end-to-end process automation capabilities at the departmental level, and will continue to advance to enterprise-level hyperautomation of the future. Cyclone Robotics’ rich experience and practices indicate that enterprises have diverse demands throughout their digital transformation, from very basic applications to more complex challenges. For example, Cyclone Robotics’ partnership with Sinolink Securities, an Asia-Pacific leading securities and investment management firm, has gone through all three RPA stages during its digital transformation journey since 2019. In the beginning, Cyclone Robotics helped launch RPA pilots in some of its business operations that had more informatisation, lower implementation costs, and more frequent standard needs. After Cyclone Robotics’ RPA products and applications were proven successful, Sinolink then began to broadly deploy RPA across the whole company. By 2021, more than 200 RPA operations have been successfully deployed in over 30 departments, achieving 100% execution accuracy with zero errors, 24/7 automated operations, and saving over 6,000 minutes of manpower every day. Moving forward, Cyclone Robotics is working with Sinolink to establish its hyperautomatic middle office with Cyclone Robotics’ recent innovations, such as the aforementioned AI Skill Platform and CIRI. Sinolink can now look forward to more deeply integrated RPA that adds value to its management, business, and collaborations, enabling it to explore more applications for automation.

Gartner also forecasted that the Covid-19 pandemic would fast-forward digital skills adoption by at least five years, which is currently proven by the accelerated digitalisation in Southeast Asia. Automation technologies such as RPA and AI are expected to help address the growing concerns of skills shortage in this region. For example, Singapore, impacted by both Covid-19 restrictions and the government’s hiring policies for foreign skilled workers, is now in heavy demand for tech talents across multiple sectors, especially when it comes to working and managing new technologies. Additionally, other industries like construction, logistics, and manufacturing in Singapore are also seeing rising needs for automation to help them minimise disruption across all aspects of business in the post pandemic recovery.

ASEAN countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia have all announced their national strategy for digital transformation. Among them, Singapore is considered as "most prepared" for automation according a 2021 Deloitte report. In October 2021, Singapore also announced new phases of the Smart City Initiatives established in 2019 with China (Shenzhen), and highlighted "robotics development" as one of its three key focus areas.

"We are excited to see RPA’s increasing role in helping accelerate digitalisation in this region," said Dr. Jia. "Cyclone Robotics’ newly launched product portfolio is tailored for all types of needs across digital transformation. With a proven track record of success, and with our strong innovation capabilities in AI, MI, and more, we are confident we can propel local companies to become more competitive and prepared for the coming hyperautomation era by fulfilling their all of their business priorities."

Cyclone Robotics has also announced an accelerated global partnership ecosystem to drive business growth, an expanded business chain and scalable partner values. As of now, it already has a large gathering of global partners on the ecosystem, and has tripled its channel partners. Just months after opening its Singapore branch earlier this year, Cyclone Robotics has successfully signed a number of local partnerships with different expertise across countries and regions, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. "We are encouraged to see so many partnerships formed in SEA shortly after opening our office here. Alongside our new service offering, this rapid expansion of our global partnership network will allow us to empower partners through the ecosystem, and provide efficient on-boarding and responsive services, thereby improving our overall service delivery capabilities," said Dr. Jia. "We look forward to welcoming more partners from all regions into our global ecosystem, through which we’ll provide further localised, professional and tailored offerings, from advisory to solutions, for all types of enterprises throughout their digital transformation journey."

About Cyclone Robotics

Cyclone Robotics completed its Series B in 2020, raising nearly $40 million USD. The team grew from 20 employees in 2019 to 400 members currently across 13 subsidiaries and branches around the world, serving over 500 global customers across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. In early 2021, Cyclone Robotics established its Singapore branch, covering Southeast Asia, Japan, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand to empower companies across all industries to realize digital transformation with its full RPA products & services portfolio. To date, Cyclone Robotics is the only RPA provider in China to have been included in the authoritative reports published by both Gartner and Forrester. The firm is committed to maintaining and growing its position as a world-leading RPA provider and thought leader in the era of hyperautomation.


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