Huawei SmartLi UPS Wins Finalist in “Best of Show Award” at Interop Tokyo 2021

TOKYO, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On April 14, at Interop Tokyo 2021, Huawei SmartLi UPS Wins Finalist in "Best of Show Award". Huawei SmartLi UPS is one of the star products of digital power, featuring the industry’s Ultra-high Reliability, Ultra-high Power Density, Ultra-high Efficiency, and Super Intelligence.

Huawei SmartLi UPS Wins Finalist in “Best of Show Award”
Huawei SmartLi UPS Wins Finalist in “Best of Show Award”

At the Award ceremony, the judges highly recognized the innovativeness of Huawei SmartLi UPS solution, which shows the efforts and achievements that Huawei has made in the data center power supply and distribution system.

"Huawei has made digital innovations in the power supply and distribution system of data centers. It uses full-link visualized management and intelligent predictive maintenance to ensure high reliability of data centers. In addition, the innovative topology and excellent heat dissipation design maximize power density and efficiency. Additionally, SmartLi takes active current equalization technology that enable hybrid use of old and new batteries. All of these show Huawei’s innovative strength. In the future, we are looking forward to more products and solutions from Huawei."

Huawei at Interop Tokyo 2021
Huawei at Interop Tokyo 2021

The ShowNet Exhibition Area is the highlight of the annual Interop exhibition. Huawei introduced the SmartLi UPS to the exhibition area to supply power to onsite demonstration devices, ensuring the interconnection of devices from multiple vendors in the exhibition area. At Interop Tokyo 2021, Huawei SmartLi UPS has showed its strength.

Feature 1: Ultra-high Reliability

Huawei SmartLi UPS using Lithium Iron Phosphate, which is more stable and it eliminates routine inspection, generates no oxygen and fire in the case of thermal runaway, and hence it is more reliable. In addition, by integrating advance digital technologies, parameters such as voltage, current, switch status, and temperature of key nodes can be monitored in real time and abnormal status can be displayed, which makes it easier for locating fault. Additionally, the application of three-layer BMS system implements refined management to ensure lithium battery reliability.

Feature 2: Ultra-high Power Density

Compared with the traditional lead-acid battery UPS solution, Huawei SmartLi UPS Solution saves the footprint by more than 60% in an end-to end manner. It does not require replacement within 10 years, which greatly reduce the OPEX of data center.

Feature 3: Ultra-high Efficiency

Huawei modular UPS has a high efficiency of 97% in rectifier-inverter mode. The modules use hibernation technology to achieve light-load efficiency. The newly launched intelligent online mode has a high efficiency of 99%, achieving full-load efficiency and ensuring uninterrupted high-quality power supply.

Feature 4: Super Intelligence

Huawei SmartLi UPS innovatively adopts intelligent technology to predict capacitor lifespan, fan lifespan, temperature of key nodes and battery capacity, etc. It transforms the passive proactive to predictive maintenance. Additionally, SmartLi takes active current equalization technology that enable hybrid use of old and new batteries. Working together with Huawei modular UPS, the SmartLi UPS supports flexible capacity expansion that reduce the investment risk and TCO.

Looking ahead, Huawei will keep continuous technological innovation and help customers build simple, green, smart, and reliable next-generation data center.

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