NewEgg now accepts Dogecoin

The online consumer electronics e-commerce site Newegg has recently announced that they will be accepting Dogecoin ($DOGE) as payment for their products. This payment method is made available through Bitpay. This is not the first time that the company has accepted cryptocurrency as its mode of payment. NewEgg was among the first to embrace Bitcoin ($BTC) as payment last 2014.

Why Dogecoin?

While there are other cryptocurrencies out there, it is the strong community support for Dogecoin that may have been the primary reason why this particular cryptocurrency (which was borne out of a joke) surged in value in recent weeks. This surge in value prompted NewEgg to jump early and accept it as payment. According to Andrew Choi, Sr. Brand Manager of Newegg:

 “We’re committed to making it easy for our customers to shop however works best for them, and that means letting them complete transactions with the payment method that suits them best. To that end, we’re happy to give Dogecoin fans an easy way to shop online for tech.”

Newegg is just among the growing number of companies that are adopting this cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Recently, Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks has also announced that Dogecoin is an accepted payment for their merchandise.

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