Banggood Emerges as 3rd Most Downloaded Shopping App in Europe right before Summer Prime Sale Blow Out

GUANGZHOU, China, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Banggood will launch its 2021 Summer Promotion from July 7 at 4PM (UTC+8:00) to July 10 at 4PM (UTC+8:00), with discounts starting from as much as 70% off. According to the latest data from App Annie, the Banggood app was ranked among the top three shopping apps (by number of downloads) on Google Play in Hungary and among the top four comprehensive shopping platforms on Google Play in Italy.

Banggood becomes third most popular shopping app in some European markets

Banggood Emerges as 3rd Most Downloaded Shopping App in Hungary
Banggood Emerges as 3rd Most Downloaded Shopping App in Hungary

The latest data from App Annie shows that on June 28th, the Banggood app rose to third place among peers in Google Play’s shopping category in Hungary, while, on the same day, climbed to fourth place among comprehensive shopping platforms on Italy’s Google Play. Amazon remained in first place. The rankings demonstrate Banggood’s increasing popularity among European consumers.

Banggood has been expanding its footprint in the retail e-commerce sector for 14 years. The firm owns and operates all aspects of its business and has put in place a rigid product selection and inspection system with every item going through a strict internal testing process before being approved for sale on the platform, assuring that only the finest and the best are displayed on the firm’s shelves. Meanwhile, Banggood makes sure that all prices remain highly competitive, so that buyers can shop with confidence, knowing that they are, at all times, receiving the best value for their money.

Summer Prime Sale kicks off with discounts as much as 70% off

Banggood officially rolled out its "Shop Your Passion" Summer Prime Sale on 21 June, and will follow with the 4-day worldwide promotion starting from July 7 at 4PM (UTC+8:00) to July 10 at 4PM (UTC+8:00), during which shoppers can enjoy up to a 70% reduction in price. Banggood VIP members can lock in the "early bird" global discount starting from July July 5 at 4PM (UTC+8:00).

In addition, Banggood will launch the "$0.01 Super Snap Up" promotion as well as make available special offers tailored to the preferences of each market, such as interest-free installment plans in Brazil and Germany and limited-time free shipping in Italy and Hungary, as part of the effort to deliver the best shopping experience to users no matter where they are located.

About Banggood

Banggood is a global leading online shop, offering millions of products that are well-selected. From consumer electronics, tools, home applicances, toys, sports, to clothing, everything could be delivered to one’s front door with several clicks. For more information, please visit:  


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