Vacos Is Back with Vacos Cam IR Version, a 100% Wire-Free Green AI Security Camera Goes Everywhere

New Vacos Cam IR, evolving for the better, offers users easier, simpler and more robust experiences to keep tabs on their homes & businesses wherever.

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., July 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vacos today takes a tremendous bounce back with its latest smart AI gadget – Vacos Cam IR Version, a 100% wire-free AI security camera that meets customers’ every security need while linking everything.

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Vacos Cam IR Version Battery Powered Security Camera
Vacos Cam IR Version Battery Powered Security Camera

After Vacos launched its first battery powered security camera – Vacos Cam, it has received a lot of feedback & insights on improving the camera. Vacos took immediate actions to perfect this camera to create Vacos Cam IR version, the new upgrade innovation to provide 24/7 protection to customers.

Same Features, Less Prices

Compared with Vacos Cam full color night vision version, the new Vacos Cam IR Version changes to black & white IR night vision while remaining the stunning 1080p Full HD resolution. Besides, Vacos Cam IR keeps every smart feature in Vacos Cam, including PIR & AI detection, wire-free design, two-way audio, local eMMC & cloud storage, smart home compatibility and more, while available at a much more affordable pricing.

Stronger & Faster WiFi Connection

The new battery powered security camera improves the WiFi connection greatly, ensuring customers can connect this camera to WiFi within seconds, without worrying about network jamming or disconnection. Consumers will enjoy a 100% wire-free and worry-free smart home camera to protect their premises. This innovative flagship is designed to go everywhere, fit anywhere.

More Accurate Motion Detection

Equipped with the sensitive PIR sensor, the battery-operated IP camera only detects warm objects. The advanced AI algorithm recognizes humans from those warm objects to provide the most accurate motion detection alerts. Users will get instant app push notifications only when a person enters the monitoring areas, reducing up to 90% of unwanted or false alarms triggered by animals, pets or inanimate objects like waving trees, changing lighting, falling leaves, raindrops, etc.

16 GB Local & Cloud Storage

The rechargeable battery IP camera comes with a built-in 16 GB eMMC, a breakthrough leap from SD cards, providing faster read & write speed and longer recording time than traditional SD cards. Customers can record the motion-triggered videos locally onto the eMMC without buying extra SD cards. Besides, Vacos also provides 7-day free cloud storage that has been secured and encrypted by Vacos private protocols, AES-256, 2-step verification, to make sure the video transmission and downloading are extremely hackproof.

Green AI Power – Vacos Contributes to Carbon Savings

The new Vacos Cam IR is powered by a rechargeable & recycle battery, so users don’t need to buy replacement batteries, hence, saving the carbon emissions. Besides, this innovative AI smart gadget can also be powered by Vacos Solar Panel. Customers can simply link the camera to the solar panel for non-stop and eco-friendly power supply. The solar panel can convert the solar power to electricity quickly to keep the camera charged. The green solar power ensures almost zero carbon emission. The packaging of the camera is made from up to 90% plant-based material sourced from recycled fiber or sustainable forests. The Vacos Cam IR, from the hardware to the packaging, is designed to be Earth-friendly and carbon-saving.

Vacos Cam IR Version Smart Feature Overview

  • 1080p Full HD & IR Night Vision
  • 100% Wire-Free Design
  • Rechargeable Battery or Solar Powered
  • PIR & AI Motion Detection
  • High-Quality Two-Way Audio
  • Work with Alexa/Google Assistant
  • Local 16 GB eMMC Storage
  • Free 7-Day Cloud Storage
  • Outdoor IP65 Waterproof
  • Smart Motion Detection Alerts
  • Unlimited Remote Access

Pricing and Availability

Vacos Cam IR Version is now available for purchase at a retailing pricing of $99.99 with free shipping in most countries and areas. Customers can buy this camera on Vacos Official Online Store or Amazon.

About Vacos

Vacos, an innovative startup, aims to be the global pioneer in smart home to bring the best and finest smart security solutions for customers worldwide. Vacos’ deep expertise in product creation, seamless WiFi connection, top-class cloud and AI technology all enable Vacos team to develop seamless smart security products for customers to create a 100% connected and helpful home.

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