The All-New METZ MTD4000: A Smart World in a Smart Home

NEW DELHI, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With more than 80 years of history, METZ has grown from its German origins to be revered today as one of the world’s most innovative and industry-leading TV manufacturers and has left deep footprints in India with local production of outstanding quality. Supported by new roots in India, this leading brand in the TV industry shines from within, providing its users only the best in modern home entertainment.

The All-New METZ MTD4000
The All-New METZ MTD4000

Today, METZ TV is back once again to its second homeland – India, with its latest product which redefines ‘Smart Viewing’ – Introducing the all-new METZ MTD4000 Smart TV.

The METZ MTD4000 Smart TV merges modern technology and cost-friendly home-viewing together, thanks to its signature CC Cast Technology feature. Equipped with a built-in Wireless LAN, the METZ MTD4000 Smart TV’s CC Screen Cast technology allow users to share their smart-device’s screen directly onto the big screen without the hassle of connecting to a common Wi-Fi network – meaning users SAVE BIG on hefty Wi-Fi bills, while increasing all screen-sharing capabilities.

The MTD4000 wouldn’t be a true METZ TV without one of METZ’s signature world-leading display screens either.

Supported by the in-house METZ German Picture Quality Lab, users now experience picture quality-processing optimization in its truest form. METZ’s unique Local Contrast and Intelligent Noise reduction features, plus improved picture contrast, the MTD4000 Smart TV optimizes colour expression enormously, so users can enjoy every detail on the screen in sheer clarity.

Everything about the METZ MTD4000 is about visual experience, and that’s why eyecare is important. Now, users no longer have to worry about eye-strain due to extensive TV viewing. With built-in Eye Protection Mode, the MTD4000 reduces harmful blue-light emissions, giving users all the comfort while watching all their favourite movies or playing video games.

With an incredibly immersive 99.47% screen-to-bezel ratio boundless screen, alongside world-class Dolby Audio sound effects, to even its elegant ultra-thin metal frame finish, users can trust in METZ to take them on a viewing experience like no other.

Experience the brand that has assimilated German and Indian technical strengths – METZ MTD4000 – in a store today.

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