Festival Together! Brook Pocket Partner Month

Call your friends to Pokémon GO together!

TAIPEI, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Get ready for the annual Pokémon Go Fest 2021. Can’t wait to join with everyone already? In response to the annual event, Brook now invites everyone in by holding the "Festival Together! Brook Pocket Partner Month" event this year. From July 1st to July 31st, the"FRIENDS PACK" will be available on Brook’s official website. The bundle offers sets of 2 Pocket Auto Catch series products with a discount, enabling everyone to join their friends in Pokémon Go together anytime, anywhere, and share the unlimited fun.

Festival Together! Brook Pocket Partner Month
Festival Together! Brook Pocket Partner Month

Many Pokémon GO players are too busy to play Pokémon GO, thus not being able to level up their Pokémon or earn resources. Over time, it can be frustrating to get defeated by other players’ high-level Pokémon in every PVP battle, and the game becomes much less fun. For players without much free time for Pokémon Go, Brook developed the Pocket Auto Catch Series bracelet to help players catch Pokémon automatically and accumulate resources such as candies, allowing the players to enjoy the game effortlessly. The Pocket Auto Catch in black looks and feels like nothing but a watch on players’ wrist, giving them the stylish and low-profile look while catching their favorite Pokémon everywhere they go.

As the latest generation Pocket Auto Catch Series, Reviver Dia and Reviver not only extend the battery life up to 18 hours but also provide higher build quality and durability with IP67 rating to offer protection against dust and water. Players have the freedom to adjust the settings for different play styles to catch Pokémon automatically, refill supplies automatically, and even be notified for new caught Pokémon species, safely enjoying the fun of Pokémon GO anytime, anywhere. For Reviver Dia,  Swarovski® elements were implanted in the design, allowing players to play Pokémon GO and maintain an elegant look at the same time.

Sharing is caring. Brook believes that players should enjoy not just playing games but also exploring with friends in the real world. Sharing Pokémon with friends is the most fun part of the game. By using Brook’s Pocket Auto Catch Series bracelets, players can easily train the best Pokémon and enjoy the game even more, standing out in every group battle with friends for victory.

In addition to the "FRIENDS PACK " during Brook’s Pocket Partner Month, Brook will also be hosting an online special event on Brook’s Facebook [Brook Pocket] & Twitter [@brookgamingfans] page. Like Brook’s page and join the event for a chance to win a Pocket Auto Catch Series, including Reviver Dia, and more surprises. Invite friends to join Partner Month and Pokémon Go together. Search "Brook Pocket" on Facebook now to like and follow Brook’s page. Secure your spot and don’t miss out!

Are you ready to call your friends to Pokémon GO together?

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For details of the event, please refer to:

Facebook [Brook Pocket]: https://www.facebook.com/brookpocket/

Twitter [@brookgamingfans]: https://twitter.com/brookgamingfans 

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