WuKong Education Group Announces Launch of New Online Learning App

In the past two years, online learning  has become an essential form of learning for students worldwide. Taking online Chinese language learning as an example, WuKong has undoubtedly become one of the first movers and global leaders. Building on this unprecedented success, WuKong has recently announced plans to expand into additional core subject areas and the launch of a major learning digital infrastructure upgrade.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, April 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WuKong Education Group, the leading online Mandarin learning platform, has recently launched a suite of apps as part of its digital learning infrastructure upgrade strategy to further enhance its student-centered learning and teaching experiences.

"We are proud that our users love our app," Cicy Ding, the chief education officer of WuKong said. ”The app has many convenient functions such as learning management, interactive homework, and attendance recording. Once again, our investment in education technology proves to enhance learning experience for our students, engagement for parents and efficiency for our teachers."

Founded in 2016, WuKong is an online education technology company headquartered in New Zealand and has grown from a humble startup aiming at making the Chinese language learning for Chinese families simple, easy and fun, to a global online learning platform with about 300,000 students aged 3-18 and 3,000 highly trained and selected teachers working across 4 continents and 118 countries including its core markets i.e. US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

WuKong Education Group Becomes Leading Global Platform For Students’ Online Education As Their Mandarin Learning Platform Gains Popularity
WuKong Education Group Becomes Leading Global Platform For Students’ Online Education As Their Mandarin Learning Platform Gains Popularity

In the past two years, global K12 sector has witnessed an explosive growth in online learning. WuKong is no exception. Its number of class bookings has increased 70 times since 2019.

After achieving its market leadership in online Mandarin learning through aggressive global expansion, WuKong is hoping to expand its outreach to non-Chinese families through new program offerings.

In March 2021, WuKong started its pilot Math classes taught by experienced native English speaking teachers. Aligned with the popular Singapore National core math curriculum and methodology, WuKong’s math program offering opens a new chapter to reach beyond the Chinese families in its priority markets.

Vicky Wang, the founder and CEO of WuKong Education Group was quoted as saying, "It is great to see that so many children are benefiting from our learning platform, especially in this challenging period of time. We are very pleased to see that WuKong has made a difference and added value to their learning journey and become their trusted learning partner."

To learn more about WuKong Education Group visit their official website at https://www.wukongsch.com/en.


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