WIM2020: A World-class Event for Innovators Hosted by EqualOcean

BEIJING, Dec. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On December 9-12, EqualOcean held the World Innovators Meet (WIM)2020. To promote the concept of ‘Technology and Innovation Connect the World’, WIM2020 invited Nobel Prize winners and global speakers from Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America to share their insights on innovation and their practices around it – pursuing it and sustaining it – as they each strive to further equality through technology.

World Innovators Meet 2020
World Innovators Meet 2020

The WIM2020 was divided into 11 chapters: 1 Technology and Innovation Leadership Chapter + 7 Industry Chapters + 3 Global Chapters + 1 World Innovators Awards Ceremony 2020.

In the Leadership chapter, WIM invited Nobel Prize winners and leading figures in Innovation to share their thoughts on the development trajectory of the post-pandemic global economic system.

The Industry Chapters covered various fields, including fintech, real-estate, health tech, industrial intelligence, automotive and mobility, consumption, and investment; pioneers and rising stars in these industries gathered at WIM2020 to share their practices and insights with a global audience.

In Global chapters, WIM2020 remotely connected with speakers from Europe, Africa, and North America to explore the technological innovation progress and investment trends of these countries and regions. Although based in China, WIM2020 involved innovators from all over the world, and more than 30% of WIM speakers were outside China.

With the involvement of global speakers and a global audience, WIM2020 created a platform that people around the world can use to discuss the future development of technological innovation.

During WIM2020, the WIM Committee released the annual blockbuster WIA list (World Innovation Awards) based on the analyses and findings of industry and investment research, along with a series of research reports, including China’s and the world’s top listed companies, non-listed companies, investment institutes, and entrepreneurs to recognize game-changers across industries and geographies.

WIA2020 includes 16 reports and 37 lists, covering comprehensively the world’s most innovative listed companies, startups, investment institutions, and innovative entrepreneurs. Representatives of award-winning enterprises, individual enterprises, and partners of the EqualOcean were invited to attend the WIM2020 World Innovators Award Ceremony. 

To know more about what speakers are sharing, as well as detailed information about the WIA list and reports, please click here or visit to download the WIM2020 Brochure.

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