Wenshan Ranks First in “Where Do You Wanna Go Most in Yunnan” Poll

KUNMING, China, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After 12 days of voting, the "Where Do You Wanna Go Most in Yunnan" poll, which is organized by Go-Yunnan, ended on September 5, 2020, and featured the charming scenery, culture and customs of 16 cities and prefectures in Yunnan. A total of 10,797 votes were registered. The top three cities and prefectures are Wenshan, Dali and Baoshan.

Where Do You Wanna Go Most in Yunnan
Where Do You Wanna Go Most in Yunnan

Go-Yunnan would like to thank the participants very much for their participation and support of this event. The top three cities and prefectures are as follows:

No. 1: Wenshan (801 votes)

Wenshan is located in the southeastern karst area of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, one of the most typical areas of karst landform in Yunnan. Here the master hand of nature has carved out a beautiful wonderland of unparalleled beauty. Wenshan also enjoys a prime location. It’s at the junction of Yunnan, Guangxi and Vietnam, known as the "Yunnan-Guangxi Corridor", which connects the international economies of Southwest China, the Pearl River Delta and Southeast Asia. The average temperature here is 19? all year round, with no scorching heat in summer and no freezing coldness in winter. In addition, the high humidity and ideal air quality make Wenshen a perfect tourist destination and habitable place.

No. 2: Dali (771 votes)

The gentle breeze, the colorful flowers, the snow-capped Cangshan Mountain and the reflection of the moon in the Erhai Lake, these natural marvels make Dali a romantic tourist city, and a faraway dreamland for many people.

Life in Dali could be soul-refreshing and relaxing. Tourists particularly enjoy the tranquil Erhai Lake, the pleasant breeze, the ancient turquoise flagstone roads, the fragrant tea, and the local ethnic customs.

No.3: Baoshan (764 votes)

Baoshan is located in the west of Yunnan Province, bordering Lincang City in the east, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in the north, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in the northeast, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in the southwest, and Myanmar in the south and northwest, with a borderline of 167.78km. The unique geographical location has made Baoshan a key route of the famous Southern Silk Road in history, which is also China’s gateway to Southeast Asia and Myanmar. It is also an important post station of China to Southeast Asia and South Asia, a pivotal distribution center of ChinaMyanmar trade, a political, economic and cultural locus of western Yunnan, and the seat of prefecture and county of many dynasties. Dubbed a place as warm as spring and as pure as jade, Baoshan welcomes all with open arms.

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