Ubitus enables Daewoo to offer ‘Prugio Metagallery’, first-ever metaverse application in Korea property market

TOKYO, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ubitus K.K. (hereinafter Ubitus) works with KT Corp. and Daewoo E&C (hereinafter Daewoo), a Korean real estate developer, to launch Daewoo Prugio Metagallery – an interactive online house tour service.

Daewoo Prugio Metagallery - an interactive online house tour service.
Daewoo Prugio Metagallery – an interactive online house tour service.

Interactive house tour with first-person view

House shopping can be a consuming and stressful endeavor for some customers. Daewoo Prugio Metagallery allows potential customers to browse each property, virtually walking through the property to understand the layout, views, and flows, without physically visiting the showroom. While physical showroom usually showcases just one property layout of the entire project, Daewoo Prugio Metagallery has the potential to demonstrate every single property layout on offer, allowing customers to experience the layout and attributes of their most interests. With the option of projecting furniture and appliances in Daewoo Prugio Metagallery, customers can feel confident that what they see is what they get.

For real estate companies, the ability to reach potential customers with just one-browser link without them visiting the showroom should generate more interest and buying opportunities, and realize more sales quickly.

Interactive online space rapid development and deployment

Metaverse built with existing gaming technology can have a very short development time and be deployed easily. After Daewoo set up the apartment 3D model in game engine with HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) feature, Ubitus used patented Gamecloud® technology to cloudify and stream the model that enable visitors to visit Daewoo Prugio Metagallery in a 360-degree view across devices from laptop, mobile to tablet. The finished Daewoo Prugio Metagallery was ready to run on KT’s existing cloud gaming infrastructure. More metaverse applications in different industry domain, following similar development and deployment cycles, should be expected.

"As an innovator in the market, Daewoo has been dedicated in smart home for years by utilizing technology and their knowledge in construction. It is our pleasure to work with KT and support Daewoo Prugio Metagallery. We believe this cutting-edge project will greatly assist property touring and simulate interests in the long-run," Wesley Kuo, the CEO of Ubitus, comments.

About Ubitus

Ubitus operates the world’s best GPU virtualization technology and cloud streaming platform, and is dedicated to providing a superior user experience via its advanced technology. As long as users are connected to a broadband network, they can enjoy AAA gaming experience across various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, and personal computers.

With innovative GameCloud technology, Ubitus is able to stream interactive media content with immersive experience on multi-devices for platform operators and digital content developers, to accelerate metaverse popularization with broad applications.

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