Thoughtful Gift Guide From BLUETTI for Mother’s Day

SYDNEY, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A mother gives everything at home and in the office as she endeavors to secure her family’s future. Considering to show love and appreciation with something special on Mother’s Day (officially on Sunday, May 8), BLUETTI has rounded up some gift ideas and will soon announce a new unit.


AC300+B300 Combo- Expandable Power Center

This combo is newly released that will hit the shelf on AEST 13:00PM, May 25th. Though no battery built-in, the AC300 can accept up to 4 B300 battery to reach a 12,288Wh capacity. The Fusion Box Pro can combine 2 such units in series and boost to a massive 24,576Wh/ 6000W/ 240V. 

Key Features:

  • Up to 12288Wh Capacity with 4*B300
  • 2400W Unrivaled Solar Input
  • 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 5400W Blazing Input Rate
  • 24/7 UPS Home Backup


EB200P-Versatile Power Monster

Mom provides the core support for most housework at home. However, unexpected outage can drive her into crazy. Consider AC200P as an emergency power supply, with 2048Wh capacity and 2200W output power, it can power almost all appliances including coffee maker, refrigerator, hairdryer, etc.

Key Features:

  • 2048Wh/2200W output
  • 15 output ports
  • Flexible 4 charging methods
  • Smart touch screen LCD display
  • 900W solar+400W AC Recharge in 2-2.5Hrs
  • Dual AC adapter(400W) Fast recharge in 3-3.5Hrs
  • Eco-friendly, Gas free, Quieter, and Cost-effective

EB55&EB70-Pack Lighter, Travel Further  

Mother who is fond of outdoor trips or camping, she’ll be surprise and love it at the first glance. These two siblings are highly lightweight and portable. The ergonomically constructed handle is for easy transport. Hooking up with BLUETTI solar panels PV120 or PV200 makes it a remarkable power source with endless green energy when the sun shines. An ideal gift option to splurge on mom.

Another exciting news, BLUETTI will launch a #BLUETTIwithMom campaign on Mother’s Day, invite members on Instagram to share the sweetest moment/story with their mom to win a free BLUETTI power station. Follow BLUETTI Australia on Instagram to learn more.



With over ten years of experience in the energy storage industry, BLUETTI is committed to building the world’s best power stations for van dwellers, explorers, and off-grid life. For more information, please visit




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