Tonik enters consumer lending with a game-changing 15-minute Quick Loan

MANILA, Philippines, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tonik, the Philippines’ first digital-only neobank, has launched a pioneering Quick Loan product on its platform. The launch of Quick Loan marks Tonik’s entry into the deeply underserved consumer lending market in the Philippines, in which it intends to establish itself as one of the market leaders. Tonik’s game-changing all-digital Quick Loan is designed to serve the vast unbanked and underbanked Filipino middle class with a quick and affordable bank credit proposition.

  • Mass Market Appeal. Tonik’s Quick Loan doesn’t require the client to have a prior credit history or a pre-existing bank account at another bank, relying instead on world-class alternative credit scoring technologies for credit decision.
  • Rapid Application and Credit Decision. The Quick Loan offers a market-leading rapid application path of under 15 minutes, based on an upload of only one ID and the latest pay slip. The credit decision is typically made within minutes through proprietary AI-driven underwriting.
  • Instant Disbursement. Once approved, the funds are instantly credited to the client’s Tonik Account. From there, the funds can be withdrawn through OTC partners Cebuana and MLhuillier, moved to client’s other bank or e-wallet account, or paid out through an ATM or merchant payment using the Tonik Debit Card.
  • Affordable and Convenient Repayment. By availing of up to 24 months loan duration, Quick Loan clients can comfortably spread up to P 50,000 of total loan principal across their monthly budgets. The clients can also set their own preferred monthly repayment dates, as well as save time and reduce their interest rate by linking their salary payroll ATM card.

Tonik enters consumer lending with a game-changing 15-minute Quick Loan
Tonik enters consumer lending with a game-changing 15-minute Quick Loan

"Traditional banks require the applicant to have credit history to approve a loan while 80%+ of the Filipinos don’t have any credit history. As a result, the Filipino consumers are forced to borrow from friends and family or from payday loan providers at very high interest. This damages their long-term financial stability and undermines their future, and we think this is unfair. We estimate that there is USD 100 billion of potential market for consumer loans in the Philippines, which is currently 90% unserved. Our plan is to change this balance and make affordable loans accessible for majority of Filipinos," said Greg Krasnov, CEO and Founder of Tonik.

"We have already attracted close to USD 80 million of consumer deposits since our launch six months ago. This has validated our ability to rapidly scale our resources for lending, and therefore enables us to grow our loan book fast and without any reliance on third party wholesale funding. So, the Quick Loan is only the first in a range of all-digital consumer lending products that we will introduce over the coming months. Our plan is to use advanced digital technology to help solve financial inclusion in the country," said Krasnov.

Tonik is supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) through its own digital bank license, and deposits are insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).  Its unique cloud-based solution is powered by global financial technology leaders such as Mastercard, Amazon Web Services, and Finastra.

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About Tonik

Tonik is the first digital-only neobank in the Philippines, providing a full stack of Loan, Deposit, and Payment products to consumers on a highly secure digital banking platform. The neobank operates on the basis of its own bank license issued by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Tonik is led by a team of retail finance veterans who have previously built and scaled multiple retail banks and fintechs across the global emerging markets.  It is backed by top international venture capital funds.  Tonik operates out of hubs in Singapore (HQ), Manila, Chennai, and Kyiv.  

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