Tineco Introduces “Pet” Series Zero-Tangle Vacuums for Fur and Hair Clean Up

Unique anti-tangle power brush for pet hair is now on the PURE ONE S15 Series, PURE ONE S11 Pet, A11 PET, and more

SEATTLE, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tineco, a leading innovator in floor care and small appliances, is pleased to introduce "Pet" Series Zero-Tangle Vacuums.

Pet owners are probably all too familiar with fur and hair on floors, carpets, and sofas – especially during summer and autumn. That’s when the beloved four-legged friends unintentionally shed all around homes. Pet hair gets everywhere and can quickly become a nuisance. With conventional vacuums, after cleaning the house, the vacuum itself has to be carefully cleaned. This task is often even more exhausting and annoying, because the fur of long-haired cats and dogs tends to get tangled and stuck in brushes, pre-filters, and other parts of the machine, causing diminishing of suction power or damage to the motor. But this hassle has now been resolved.

Equipped with the ZeroTangle™ brush head, the Tineco "Pet" Series Vacuum Cleaners are the optimal solution to this problem. The company’s patented ZeroTangle™ technology features a dual-comb design, combined with angled bristles to actively separate and remove hair from the brush roller with each rotation, eliminating tangles and preventing clogs. And, when tested under laboratory conditions, this feature was found to reduce tangling by 99%.

The first vacuum cleaner to feature a ZeroTangle™ brush head was the PURE ONE S15 Pet, which combines Tineco’s smart iLOOP detection technology, an installation-free floor stand, 5-stage filtration, and a single-touch self-clean function to make the customer’s cleaning experience even better. The S15 range now welcomes a new addition: the PURE ONE S15 Flex, which adds four more accessories – a soft dusting brush, a long crevice tool, an extension hose, and a folding tube. These handy accessories make the cleaning of hard-to-reach corners a breeze.

Shortly after Tineco launched the PURE ONE S15 series, the company continued to upgrade its existing lineups and introduced the PURE ONE S11 Pet, A11 Pet, PWRHERO 11 Pet, and others, to address a variety of consumer needs.

The S15 PRO, S15 Pet and S15 Essentials are all available on Tineco.com and Amazon from $399. The S15 Flex is available among select retailers at an MSRP of $539. Availability of other "Pet" Series vacuums vary by country. Please contact a Tineco representative for more information.

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