CamLy Group Launches Happy CamLy Coin Utility Token to Connect All Platforms

The utility token will unify the investment, CamLyLife, trading, profile, legal, academy, and charity arms in CamLy’s Blockchain Web3 Dapp Ecosystem

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CamLy Group, a leading consultancy firm in Vietnam specializing in immigration, real estate, and financial investment with strategic brands of ImmiCa and USHome, is pleased to announce the official launch of the sustainable HAPPY CAMLY COINS on September 29, 2022.

The overwhelming response during the soft launch attended by partners, friends, and members of the media from American and Asian markets further strengthens CamLy Group’s mission and the Happy CamLy Coins’ reception and feasibility after the official launch.

The CamLy Coin, available to users across the globe, is a single cryptocurrency and utility token that runs through the CamLy Blockchain Web3 Dapp Ecosystem unifying seven arms – charity, academy, legal, profile, trading, CamLyLife (a simulation game), and investment.

With more than 10,000 members of an active community called Global Investment Ambassadors (GIA), the CamLy Ecosystem applies the connection of a shared economy, helping to promote businesses, complementing each other into a unified whole, and opening a new era in the global economy.

"CamLy Coin acts as a binding agent that fuses all CamLy platforms and aid the positive growth of the GIA with sustainable and practical values. CamLy Coin also affirms CamLy’s position in the global market while spreading a sense of unity and shared goals across the globe," said CamLy Duong, Founder and President of CamLy Group.

Sharing and Connecting for the betterment of society

CamLy Group highlights the idea of "Sharing and Connecting" by linking real estate developers around the world and mobilizing global investment capital quickly and safely while emphasising the need to develop communities.

The Group aims to create jobs opportunities in the global real estate landscape through its ecosystem platforms to further develop the economy and boost the livelihood of users. CamLy provides guidance and training for the GIAs to become experts in the global real estate investment field to enable them to identify investment opportunities in potential markets.

Leveraging their vast experience in the segment, CamLy Group continues to develop the ecosystem by enabling guided investments in a safer environment with common goals shared by CamLy and its users.

Currently, the CamLy Ecosystem operates in Vietnam, the United States, and several Asian countries including Singapore and Malaysia.

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About CamLy Group

CamLy Group is a leading corporation operating in the field of US real estate investment consulting in Vietnam with the brands ImmiCa and USHome since 2008. In recent years, CamLy Group developed CamLy Ecosystem Blockchain Web3 Dapp which integrates 7 features corresponding to 7 areas including Investment, CamlyLife, Trading, Profile, Legal, Academy, and Charity.


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