Tineco Floor One S5 Family: Smart Household Helpers for Every Need

Tineco expands its all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner series with a steam cleaning device

SEATTLE, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tineco, the leading premium brand for intelligent floor cleaners and household appliances, is expanding its smart FLOOR ONE S5 wet/dry vacuum cleaner series with two more models: the FLOOR ONE S5 Pro 2, the improved and expanded version of the CES 2022 Innovation Award-winning S5 Pro, and the FLOOR ONE S5 Steam, which uses steam for a natural deep clean. With washing, vacuuming and steaming functionality, there is always a FLOOR ONE S5 that meets the various needs of users.

The entire FLOOR ONE S5 Family at a glance: S5 Steam, S5 Extreme, S5 Pro, S5 Combo Powerkit and S5 | Image: Tineco
The entire FLOOR ONE S5 Family at a glance: S5 Steam, S5 Extreme, S5 Pro, S5 Combo Powerkit and S5 | Image: Tineco

The Floor One S5 Family at a glance

The use of intelligent and cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaners is not only simple and intuitive, but also reduces cleaning time by around half compared to conventional cleaning devices. This is because they replace the arduous lugging of heavy buckets of water, dripping mops and unwieldy vacuum cleaners. All products in the S5 series have various, unique highlights such as vacuuming and wiping in one step, and the smart iLoop sensor – which automatically detects the degree of soiling and intelligently adjusts the suction power, roller speed and water flow to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. The result: more time for relaxation and recreation users care about.

  • The Tineco S5 Steam uses the natural power of steam – odorless, free of chemicals, and safe for children and pets. The combination of water and heat deeply removes stubborn grease and stains, and means steam-cleaning can now be part of the cleaning routine.
  • The Tineco S5 Pro 2 is particularly well suited to tech lovers who want to try the latest applications of advanced cleaning technologies. The new Ultra mode makes it possible to electrolyze simple tap water at the push of a button and use it for a 100% natural deep clean.
  • The Tineco S5 Combo Power Kit is suitable for smaller spaces and apartments: a multifunctional 2-in-1 device that combines a mop and cordless vacuum cleaner and enables users to clean the entire living area – not only the floor.
  • The Tineco S5 Extreme is recommended for households with several rooms. The addition of an extra suction mode makes it possible to only vacuum liquids, while the large water tank and additional accessories guarantee a longer service life and more customized applications.
  • The basic models of the Floor One S5 series also save considerable time and transform even the most complex cleaning action into a stress-free, fast and efficient deep clean – even along skirting boards and in hard-to-reach corners, thanks to an exclusive brush design allowing (streak-free) edge and corner cleaning.

"The FLOOR ONE S5 family offers a variety of choices for our customers and their individual cleaning needs. We are pleased that with the S5 Steam we can now expand the application options using a steam cleaning device," says Marco Getz, General Manager of Tineco Europe.

The Tineco FLOOR ONE S5 Pro 2 is available for $629 from Amazon and is available in early July from the Tineco Webstore.

The FLOOR ONE S5 Steam for $449 from the end of July in the Tineco Webstore and on Amazon. FLOOR ONE S5 is available for $499 and the S5 Combo for $449 from the Tineco Webstore and Amazon.

About Tineco

Founded in 1998, with the launch of its first vacuum cleaner, Tineco has pushed innovation in the home smart appliance category resulting in hundreds of patents globally. Tineco specializes in creating innovative, intelligent technology to make everyday home products smarter and easier to use. Tineco has quickly shifted to a leader in the smart appliance category with its PURE ONE vacuum portfolio, and with the launch of the market’s first smart wet/dry vacuum line – the FLOOR ONE Series.

For more information, please visit https://www.tineco.com.


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