The lighting innovation from LEOTEK Corporation won the Edison Awards with a Gold and a Bronze medal

TAIPEI, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time this year, LEOTEK Corporation participated and competed with over 500 technologies and products worldwide in the innovative research and development indicator "Edison Awards." Winning gold and bronze medals for "LEOTEK Human-Centric Smart Lighting System" and "LEOTEK Ecological Conservation Smart Lighting," making it the only manufacturer in Taiwan to win awards for two technologies simultaneously.

The lighting innovation from LEOTEK Corporation won the Edison Awards with a Gold and a Bronze medal
The lighting innovation from LEOTEK Corporation won the Edison Awards with a Gold and a Bronze medal

The combination of advanced optical technology and AIoT is the key for LEOTEK to win the Edison Awards in the Critical Human Infrastructure Category. The "LEOTEK Human-Centric Smart Lighting System" uses AI image recognition, Internet of Things, and edge computing to automatically adjusts a luminaire’s photometric configuration. It improves traffic safety in the city by increasing optical lighting performance, reducing glare reflected by wet roadway surfaces, and improving eye comfort for drivers.

In addition, to improve roadway safety, LOETEK uses a patented Optical Filter Front Mask to achieve sustainable ecological balance. According to Professor Chung-Chi Lin of Changhua Normal University and his team of researchers, climate change and high urbanization have interrupted the mating behavior of Pedicel Ants, a type of tropical ant, in the mountain areas of central and southern Taiwan, as the ants are attracted by the blue spectrum of the LED streetlights and swarmed in large numbers. "LEOTEK Ecological Conservation Smart Lighting" has the patented Optical Filter Front Mask with exclusive dyeing technology to filter out the radiant energy of under 460 nanometers of LED Blue Spectrum, dramatically reducing the Pedicel Ants’ attraction to streetlights while maintaining the same brightness. LEOTEK will combine AI technology with the Internet of Things to develop multi-functional intelligent lighting in the future to achieve multi-dimensional ecological conservation.

Mr. Torrent Chin, General Manager of LEOTEK Corporation, stated that we are proud to be recognized as a Gold and Bronze Award Winner for the 2022 Edison Awards for two exciting new technological developments. It indicates that the strength of innovative research and development of LEOTEK has received international recognition. Unlike traditional street lights that simply illuminate the night, LEOTEK aims to promote intelligent traffic solution, roadway safety, and sustainable ecology, combined with AI, Internet of Things and related technologies, to expand multiple benefits of the common streetlights.

In the future, LEOTEK will integrate software and hardware research and development, focus on program innovation, and expand into various traffic solutions to improve roadway safety and implement sustainable development.

The Edison Awards was established in 1987 to commemorate Thomas Edison’s pursuit of innovation and excellence. It aims to recognize outstanding innovative developers and innovative achievements in the world. It has become one of the highest honorary awards for research and development innovation in the global science and technology industry.



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