The Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Informatics and Siberkreasi Invite Netizens to Pay Tax Using Digital App

JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika) through the National Digital Literacy Movement Siberkreasi encourages the Indonesian public to pay their tax by using digital mean through an online event titled "Wajib Bayar Pajak, Wajib Paham Literasi Digital Juga Yuk!!". The event was broadcasted live on Siberkreasi’s YouTube and Facebook on March 10, 2022.

The Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Informatics and Siberkreasi Invite Netizens to Pay Tax Using Digital App
The Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Informatics and Siberkreasi Invite Netizens to Pay Tax Using Digital App

Notable guest speakers included Head Division of Directorate of Service Counseling and Public Relation of Directorate General of Taxation (DJP), Inge Diana Rismawati; Content Creator, Martin Anugerah; and Coordinator of #BijakBersosmed Movement and Founder of, Enda Nasution.

Understanding the benefits of tax

Tax serves as the primary source of state revenue that is expended to fund construction and development of public infrastructures. Those infrastructures may eventually be utilized by and bring benefits for the Indonesian public.

"Before understanding the benefits of tax, we must know that tax contributes 70% of the Indonesian State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN). Last year, the Indonesian tax authority managed to collect IDR 1,230 trillion for financing in Indonesia. However, such figure is a decrease from 2019 with a total of IDR 1,330 trillion in collected tax," said Inge.

Tax is used to fund various public sectors. However, during the pandemic, tax is prioritized for two primary allocations: national economic recovery and health.

"Please don’t be a free rider. Don’t request abundant facilities from the state, but when being asked to pay the tax, there are tons of excuses. Hopefully, the Indonesian public, especially millennials, appreciate the massive benefits of paying the tax," added Inge.

As a Content Creator, Martin Anugerah shared his view on paying tax. "I am not reluctant to pay the tax, on the contrary, I really want to pay tax. Because, in principle, tax must be paid, whether we want to pay it up front or later on, meaning that if we do not want to pay tax, eventually, we will be requested any way. As long as the collected tax is duly managed by the government, I am grateful for that, since the ones who benefit from tax are us."

Pay tax digitally

Now, paying tax is much simpler than before. The current generation may utilize digital app to fulfill their taxation obligation, ranging from recording, calculating and settling the tax. One of those digital apps is

"The feature is as simple as chatting. For example, there are information on our revenue, our total assets, marital status, existence of a child. To use the app, we only need to be familiar to chatting. If we can use WhatsApp, then we certainly can use this app," said Enda.

By using digital tax app, combined with various digital features and IT infrastructures that have been developed by the DJP, paying tax becomes more transparent and easier for the Indonesian public.

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About The Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia through Ditjen Aptika has the primary function of spreading and developing the national digital infrastructure to accelerate Indonesia’s digital transformation.

The Ministry is working with National Digital Literacy Movement Siberkreasi as its partner to provide education on digital literacy to the broader public through various forms of media. This movement is focused on using digital literacy as a way to elevate the national capability and to further the Indonesian people.





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