Smart Axiata partners with Cloudera in its acceleration to a data-driven organization

Leading telecommunications operator in Cambodia leverages Cloudera for quicker and faster insights to better serve the needs of a digitally-savvy community.

SINGAPORE, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloudera, the enterprise data cloud company, today announced that Cambodian telecommunications operator, Smart Axiata, has chosen Cloudera to help to accelerate its business performance. Through this partnership, Smart Axiata hopes to use data to improve its customer service and deliver targeted offers that anticipate the needs of its 8 million customers, in line with the brand’s commitment to building a digitally-savvy society in Cambodia. 

As a leading telecommunication operator, Smart Axiata handles massive volumes of data daily at unprecedented speeds. Previously, the company used separate data lakes running on a traditional data warehouse, this resulted in various data silos that hindered cross-functional collaborations, prevented the organization from effectively utilizing its data, required excessive resources to manage these disparate systems, and made it impossible to track data flows and lineage. With Cloudera’s support, Smart Axiata moved from multiple data lakes and a traditional data warehouse to a single data lake. This streamlined the number of sources, allowing data lineage to be more easily tracked, presenting Smart Axiata with a clearer view of its data. The new data lake serves as a single source of truth for all Smart Axiata’s applications, democratizing data within the organization and facilitating self-serve access for different business functions.

Since the implementation of the single data lake, Smart Axiata has been able to process large volumes of data and derive more detailed insights to deliver a better customer experience. Where reports could previously only be generated daily, more granular reporting can now be completed hourly to provide real-time visibility of the customer experience across touchpoints. This allows Smart Axiata to quickly resolve any network-related issues, in addition to delivering contextual real-time marketing to customers

Kalyan Achyutuni, Chief Information Officer of Smart Axiata said, "Our ability to achieve a single source of truth with Cloudera has allowed Smart Axiata to do many things that were not possible before. By leveraging data, we can get a 360 degree view of customers to enhance their experience, improve network performance and drive innovation. The solution has also enabled us to produce an app for customers, which has allowed Cambodians to manage their accounts and services at their own convenience and improve their digital savviness. Customers can troubleshoot their own issues, while the load on our call center agents has been reduced by 40%. This improvement has allowed for more efficient operations, where staff can focus on other tasks to improve efficiency or profitability."

"Telecommunications operators have access to a multitude of data sources and thus collect and generate extensive amounts of data. To be closely attuned to customers’ needs, they need to be able to manage and secure their end-to-end data lifecycle to gather insights and engage in data-driven decision-making. We are committed to supporting Smart Axiata to continue unlocking value from their data as they work towards becoming a data-driven organization and future-proofing their hybrid data cloud journey," said Remus Lim, Theater Vice President, APAC, Cloudera.

Being able to independently and seamlessly access data is essential to foster innovation and collaboration across multiple business functions including marketing, network engineering, and information technology. With the new data architecture, various data silos are removed, fostering cross-functional collaborations and helping the organization effectively utilize its data. This has also  helped the organization establish centralized data governance and exercise greater controls in terms of privileged access management, security and number of users. The shift has also optimized organizational resources allocated to govern and manage the company’s data.

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About Smart Axiata
Smart Axiata Co., Ltd., Cambodia’s leading mobile telecommunications operator, currently serves 8 million subscribers under the ‘Smart’ brand. Smart Axiata is part of Axiata Group Berhad, one of Asia’s largest telecommunications groups.

Smart is at the forefront of mobile technology advancement in Cambodia. Smart was the first network to introduce 4G LTE in 2014, 4G+ in 2016, 4G+ with HD Voice (VoLTE) and LTE Advance Pro in 2017. In mid-2019, Smart hosted the first 5G live showcase in the Kingdom, manifesting its mobile data leadership position. Smart also provides 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.75G mobile services as well as international roaming across more than 190 countries. Its extensive nationwide network coverage stretches to 99% of the Cambodian population.

The company is also rapidly transforming itself into a digital lifestyle brand, having introduced many innovative offerings and lifestyle entertainment value propositions. This includes various international brand partnerships with Universal Music, Apple and Facebook, as well as digital services including Smart Insurance, SmartPay, Pleng by Smart, Pi Pay and SmartNas. Smart aspires to be the #1 and most loved communication tech brand in Cambodia by 2022, while having a strong corporate social responsibility and sustainability agenda for national socio-economic growth.

The company’s workforce consists of over 1,000 local and foreign experts striving towards a common mission of connecting and making lives better. Live. Life. Be Smart.

Learn more at:

Smart Axiata
Smart Axiata



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