The “GO DAY” Shopping Festival Livestreaming Event Held by Tomato Interactive Was Successfully launched

Pioneering a Way Toward Large-scale Livestream Commerce

NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the post-pandemic era, livestreaming has become an emerging way for businesses to connect with their audience on a more interactive level despite the barrier of physical location. In response to the rise in popularity, consumers are embracing new shopping formats that are complimented by livestreaming.

'GO DAY' shopping festival livestream event
‘GO DAY’ shopping festival livestream event

Over the last few years, the online segment has become a more dominant part of the global retail industry. Thanks to advances in logistics and sales processing, consumers in almost every country now derive a convenient experience from online transactions.

Livestream commerce, a niche concept in some parts of the world, was introduced to boost engagement and increase sales by providing customers with a more entertaining and immersive shopping experience. With GO DAY, Tomato Interactive has made the statement that they believe livestreaming commerce will become universally popular.

On October 31st, the ‘GO DAY’ global shopping festival sponsored by Tomato Interactive successfully concluded with a four-hour livestream show. The show featured 15 major brands and experienced more than 640,000 total views and 12,000 concurrent viewers. During the show, professional hosts interacted with consumers and introduced details about the products. The large, diverse global audience allowed the participating brands to market their goods simultaneously to different regions and cultures. 

"We use in-depth exploration and real-time interaction to inspire and guide consumers, highlighting product features with fully visualized product trials and demonstrations, and presenting unique selling points." said Kristy Li, General Manager for Tomato Interactive. "The creation of this GO DAY shopping festival expands the commercial scope of the Brand and enhances the consumer’s brand awareness."

Prior to the live streaming show, Unbox Therapy and David Henrie, a major technology review channel and a television actor, released product videos for ECOVACS, SmallRig, XTEP, dreametech. Professional basketball player, Jeremy Lin, also announced the launch of a new product collaboration. These events were all part of a larger awareness campaign for GO DAY.

Though the GO DAY festival and livestream show have concluded, the story of GO DAY has just begun. Tomato Interactive will continue to expand the GO DAY festival in the coming years. Plans for a significantly larger 2022 festival are already underway, and expectations are high.

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