Sylvox Newest 12/24V RV TVs Released, Better for Your RV Journey

LOS ANGELES, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sylvox , the world’s leading special TVs manufacturer released it’s latest 12/24V RV TVs recently, This might be one of the most suitable 12/24V TVs for the RV Travel. The sylvox 12/24V RV TV is designed for your comfort on the go, it has a variety of powerful functions, taking into account security and ease of use, low power consumption, and high image quality.

RV TVs, a must for RV travel.

While traveling by an RV is all about enjoying the great outdoors, that doesn’t mean you have to break the habit of watching news reports or weather forecasts. It’s just as fun to watch your favorite TV shows outdoors.

Many RVers want to watch TV shows with family and friends, even on RV and camping trips. Watching TV programs is not only a habit, but also the best way to relax during the journey.

Sylvox RV TVs, made for the RV environment.

Sylvox’s RV TVs feature industry-leading technology and are featured worldwide. With excellent manufacturing technology and innovative functions, it can still maintain excellent playback performance under adverse conditions such as unstable voltage, bumpy road, poor signal reception, and a noisy environment. It is the best partner for your RV trip.

Technical Features of Sylvox Caming TV.

Wide voltage technology: The voltage range is controlled within 10.5~28V, with reverse connection protection function and sudden change protection function, the product will not be damaged even when the positive and negative poles of the power supply are connected incorrectly or unstable voltage.

Streaming media technology: Play while loading, saving waiting time and storage space; external devices can be synchronously adjusted, and the volume of external speakers can be adjusted synchronously, making it more compatible.

FM radio function: It has a very practical FM radio channel information display function that is difficult for most caravan TVs to achieve.

DVD technology: YPbPr bright color separation technology is better than the AV connection method commonly used by other brands, and has passed the US FCC and European CE certification.

Audio out technology: external speakers and other playback devices can be connected.

Box speakers: Hi-Fi Sound box speakers mixing technology, less vibration and more durable.

4G vibration test: The one-piece custom case design, passed the 4G vibration test, the body is firmer and the installation is more convenient.

3-pin DC socket: anti-drop design, buffer damage design, make the current transmission more stable.

Optional customization function: can do global standard, can do wireless screen projection, can have built-in battery.

Can be used for sailing journeys: Sylvox has further developed a marine TV on the basis of RV TVs, which has the characteristics of RV TVs. At the same time, the body and internal parts are treated with a special process which increases the waterproofing and anti-corrosion from seawater, and can easily cope with the marine environment.

Support customizable size.

In order to meet the specific needs of different RV users, Sylvox 12V TVs offers 4 series to choose from. Each series contains a variety of size models, from a small and lightweight 19” screen to an indulgent 40” large screen. There are up to 6 sizes; each series can also choose whether to carry a DVD function according to the size.



Size with DVD



24”/32”/40” with DVD



19”/22”/24”/27”/30” with DVD



22”/24”/32” with DVD

Lift control

All sizes 

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About Sylvox

Sylvox is a world-leading smart TV product R&D manufacturing, and Internet application development service enterprise. It has accumulated more than 13 years of industry experience in the field of special TVs, and its industrial chain covers Europe, America, Africa, China and Japan.

Sylvox aims to provide users with a multi-scene TV solution beyond the living room. Focus on creating excellent home and commercial special TVs. This includes: outdoor TVs, bathroom TVs, kitchen TVs, fitness and beauty TVs, creative bedroom frame TVs, bedside lift TVs, RV TVs, yacht TVs, solar TVs, transparent TVs, etc. Satisfy the user’s viewing needs anytime, anywhere, and perfectly integrate the TV with the user’s unique scene and home design, giving users a high-level and comfortable home and travel viewing experience.  

Sylvox stands out in the special TV category with precise positioning and differentiated product design. In April 2021, Sylvox was trusted by the Amazon platform and became its supplier, providing Amazon with self-developed outdoor TVs, waterproof TVs, RV TVs and other products , and further develop the global market.


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