Home match: e.GO Mobile celebrates the launch of the e.wave X at the Micro Factory in Aachen, Germany

  • After the unveiling of the new vehicle by brand ambassador Neymar Jr. in Berlin, e.GO celebrates the launch of the e.wave X with many suppliers, partners and employees in Aachen, Germany.
  • The e.wave X had a real kick-start with nearly 2,000 reservations in only two and a half weeks
  • Nationwide roadshow is planned in the coming months

AACHEN, Germany, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Around 600 suppliers and partners, employees and media representatives had the opportunity to celebrate together with Next.e.GO Mobile SE the launch of the new vehicle – the e.wave X – at the Aachen Micro Factory.

Lounge Event in Aachen from e.GO Mobile
Lounge Event in Aachen from e.GO Mobile

The strong interest in the new model, with 2,000 reservations in the days since the official unveiling by Neymar Jr., has been a great response to the e.GO Mobiles team’s efforts to bring this new line-up to the market, especially at the time where the energy transition makes urban electro mobility all the more economically desirable. The vehicles will be produced in the Aachen Micro Factory, Germany, which has been designed with energy and environmental footprint at its core.

"We are delighted with the progress we have made and the strong uptick in demand – thanks to our valued customers. We will work tirelessly to deliver to their trust and more importantly to our joint commitment of sustainable urban mobility" said Ali Vezvaei Chairman of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

The modern, practical and innovative four-seater was developed with sustainability and everyday usability in mind. The driving pleasure, ease of charging and smart controls of the e.wave X offer a seamless user experience. The e.wave X is available from 24,990 euros* before subsidies and can be reserved through our website – https://e-go-mobile.com/

A nationwide roadshow has been planned over the coming months, where the vehicle will be presented at around 50 events throughout Germany until the end of November, including more than 10 SportScheck RUNs, and the Green World Tour.



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