Smart Technology Empowers Consumer Products at the 129th Canton Fair

GUANGZHOU, China, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The ongoing 129th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), also its 3rd digital exhibition, introduces 2.7 million products, among which more than 820 thousand are new to the market. Buyers can not only find them on the virtual exhibition halls, attend 137 new product launch events online, but also learn more from the Canton Fair Design Awards (CF Awards) 2020 winner list during the Fair to embrace the latest game-changing smart technology that can make life easier and better.

Smart Technology Empowers Consumer Products at the 129th Canton Fair
Smart Technology Empowers Consumer Products at the 129th Canton Fair

Products at the CF Awards exhibition hall were selected by world-leading designers and buyers based on market potential and design value. The showcase presents the creation of Chinese suppliers, demonstrating premium products and detailed innovations that can help inspire buyers in their sourcing process.

"It is important for our exhibitors to utilize the latest technology to drive innovation in their product development process so that consumers around the world can enjoy their life with easy access, convenience and joy," said Quandong Liu, Deputy Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair. "Canton Fair, as a connection between Chinese manufacturers and the world market, endeavors to provide support for our buyers to find these exceptional products."

Smart Technology Empowers Consumer Products at the 129th Canton Fair
Smart Technology Empowers Consumer Products at the 129th Canton Fair

Future Smart Home Comes True

Home appliance manufacturers at the Canton Fair have combined multiple technologies into one product, allowing consumers to enjoy a hand-free and digital homelife.

  • Smart technology products on exhibition at the Fair include a robot vacuum with an AI camera and a 3D structured light scanning sensor. The vacuum enables a long-distance detection mechanism, which can achieve accurate and easy positioning without accidental collision. It is also equipped with a smart dust collector, which can automatically collect and store dust for up to 30 days.
  • There were also smart devices that enhance the kitchen and bathroom. Featured products include a smart electric towel rack and UV-powered trash, which can kill 90 percent of bacteria in the trash barrel.

Advanced Technology Enables a Healthier Lifestyle

With increasing demand among global consumers for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, Chinese suppliers are making effort to design products that can make people feel comfortable at home, integrating technologies that cover air purification and healthcare supporting functions.

  • Aiming to bring a breath of fresh air into the kitchen, a newly designed cooker hood at the Canton Fair is introducing a smart air-purifying function, which can be controlled by mobile.
  • There is also another air purifier self-developed by a Chinese manufacturer that applies a virus purification system that uses high-voltage ionization technology to destroy bacteria and proteins of the virus.
  • Consumers’ health is also cared by a newly introduced electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring health watch, which can conduct 24/7 continuous heart rate tracking. The device also measures the sleep stage and offers support and reference for consumer’s physical health.

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