CAKAP To Support Bangkit’s Program in Improving English Language Competence for ‘Fresh Graduate’ Students

JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In an increasingly competitive globalization era, every individual is required to be as reliable as possible. Not only in terms of academic competence, but also being able to communicate well. In this case, the role of English as the language of communication most often used internationally, is very appropriate and must be mastered well in mastering communication technology, as well as for direct interaction. Besides being able to assist in interacting with the world community, English is also widely used in digital technology terms which are now increasingly used.

CAKAP to Support Bangkit's Program in Improving English Language Competence for Fresh Graduate Students
CAKAP to Support Bangkit’s Program in Improving English Language Competence for Fresh Graduate Students

As a pioneer platform of Foreign Language learning that carries the concept of two-way online learning, Cakap, is providing an English proficiency classes to the Bangkit 2021, a Google-led program delivered in collaboration with Gojek, Traveloka, and Tokopedia, to support developing the world-class technology human resources in Indonesia.

"It has become Cakap’s vision that we really want to contribute to the competence of Indonesian human resources, one of which is the ability to speak foreign languages. In the ‘English Bangkit 2021’ program, Cakap provides English language training for 3,000 fresh graduate students from universities and polytechnics who have joined Bangkit 2021," said Cecillia Ong, Vice President of Business Development from Cakap.

Bangkit organizes ICT-based business learning programs (Information and Communication Technology) through software engineering. This ICT-based training material includes machine learning, mobile development, and cloud computing. This training is to prepare Bangkit students to become a skilled human resource, who are able to compete in the field of information and communication technology.

"On its way, the Bangkit training program that we developed, turned out to be constrained in terms of the language of instruction. Because we provide ICT-based business training using English, the students actually find it difficult to understand the training material. Students are reluctant to ask questions or interact during discussion sessions," explained William Florance, Google’s Education Programs Lead for the Asia Pacific region.

"In fact, leading technology companies have told us that they expect their talent to be able to communicate well in English, which is why we have designed Bangkit as a primarily English language program. For this reason, we collaborate with Cakap, as a platform language training with no doubt about the quality of training. We believe Cakap can help our students to be able to speak English well," he added.

Cakap provides class facilities training English for Bangkit students, with a focus on learning Active Speaking, where students can improve their self-confidence so they can actively speak in English. As well as the Business English class, which will guide students to be able to use English with good and correct sentence structure for professional needs. The collaboration between Cakap and Bangkit will take place from April 12, 2021 to the next 3 (three) months. Classes will be divided into 180 (one-hundred-eighty) class groups, where each class may only consist of a maximum of 10 (ten) people. And each class will get 25 (twenty-five) meeting sessions.

"The program with Bangkit is very much in line with our commitment, namely, Cakap Untuk Bangsa. Besides academically excellence, the ability to speak English which already become international language will certainly increase the value of an individual. And we hope that, with the collaboration between Cakap and Bangkit, we can hand-in-hand to support excellent talents for Indonesia in the future. Where they can be the talent with high competitiveness in the international arena," concluded Cecilia Ong.

Able to use foreign language in communication, of course, will open lots of opportunities in broadening network between countries. People with good capability language skills will have a bigger change on taking this opportunity.


Cakap is a startup company that develops online learning applications with two-way interactions between students and professional teachers through video calls and text conversations. We aim to improve welfare by increasing the intelligence level of the nation’s children. Cakap now provides foreign language learning as well as vocational learning in the form of English, Mandarin, Japanese, self-development and so on that both adult and child consumers can participate in.

Available on Google Play and the App Store to reach different consumer segments, because everyone has the right to quality education. CAKAP provides educational solutions with an international standard learning curriculum

About Bangkit from Google

Bangkit is a training program led by Google, designed to produce Indonesian resources with world-class technological quality. This year, Bangkit opens program opportunities for Indonesian students to join the ‘Kampus Merdeka’ program. With the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in the ‘Kampus Merdeka’, Bangkit 2021 places up to 3,000 students on 3 learning paths to help students develop skills according to their interests in technology throughout the year of 2021.


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