SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box Systems Help People Boost Productivity

SHENZHEN, China, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SmallRig is pleased to announce the latest and most advanced Matte Box Systems. Available in 95mm and 114mm versions, the new Matte Boxes offer fast handling, flexibility and expandability not found in other systems.

SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box Systems Help You Boost Productivity
SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box Systems Help You Boost Productivity

Modular Design Lets Users Control the Situation

Starting with the basic shading hood, people can add top and side flags to control reflections, flare or unwanted light. Need to control the brightness? Add a square/rectangular ND filter with the 4×4"/4×5.65" Filter Frames, a round filter with the Clamp-on Back or a variable ND filter with the VND Filter Frame. Want to control reflections or enhance the blue sky? Drop in the magnetic CPL, and it is ready to go.

Attach in Seconds

The Evolutionary Design makes setup and breakdown fast, easy and secure. The U-shaped filter frame and Shading Hood offer Magnetic Alignment Assistance for quickly attaching the various components together and building a full-featured matte box system! The locking system is as easy as a push to lock or a pull to open.

Quick Release Filter Frame System

SmallRig’s patented Quick Release locking system ensures fast filter attachment and removal. The VND Filter Kit has a magnetic CPL, and the frame adopts a standard M0.8 gear module that smoothly turns the filter. The VND Filter Kit is compatible with the 95mm VND Filter system.

SmallRig’s Professional HD filters utilize Schott German optical glass (B270) with 18 layers of coatings on each side for maximum light transmission and accurate color rendition while also reducing flare and reflections.

No Vignetting With Ultra-wide Angle Lenses 

The SmallRig 4×5.65" Filter Frame is compatible with most lenses that are ?14mm, and the SmallRig VND Filter Kit can be used with most lenses that are ?16mm.

SmallRig Star-Trail ø95mm Matte Box Basic Kit (RRP: $159)

SmallRig Star-Trail ø95mm Matte Box VND Kit (RRP: $349)

SmallRig Revo-Arcane ø114mm Matte Box Basic Kit (RRP: $239.9)

About SmallRig

Founded in 2013, SmallRig designs and builds complete accessory solutions for content creations with cameras, gimbals, and mobile phones. Our accessories are widely used in live broadcasting, Vlogging, professional video productions, and other fields supported by over two million creators worldwide. SmallRig pioneered the User Co-Design (UCD) mode and DreamRig program with the ultimate goal to co-design with global creators and make their big dreams achievable.


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