SignOnSite is licensed by Trillium to provide a unique contactless worksite safety platform to help manage risk for complex construction projects

A new digital platform radically changes risk and safety management in construction, which will be used in the construction of fueling stations.

HOUSTON, Oct. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SignOnSite, the construction safety management system, today announced an agreement with Trillium CNG. Trillium is the Texas subsidiary of the Love’s Family of Companies that builds and manages compressed natural gas (CNG), electric vehicle (EV), and alternative energy fueling stations across the United States. Trillium will be using the SignOnSite personnel safety application to manage and protect workers at new CNG station building projects.

SignOnSite platform on all devices
SignOnSite platform on all devices

SignOnSite provides construction companies and their workers with a robust, but simple risk and safety management system that leverages the technology already on construction sites.

SignOnSite takes a highly unique approach to risk and safety management. Current systems require a top-down management model, where companies not only have to implement risk and safety management policies and procedures, but also have the burden of ensuring that the workers on site actively participate in them.

With SignOnSite, however, this model is flipped. The people on site are empowered with simple, straightforward technology that lets them easily engage with and participate in risk management processes. The construction company is then enabled with digital control of their sites and remote risk management capabilities.

For construction companies running complex projects, the increased efficiencies of a digital platform present a drastic increase in site management and safety risk management capabilities. Controls such as qualification and orientation management are complemented by productivity tools such as remote site visibility. Additionally, superintendents and project managers can manage site attendance, safety communication and even emergency evacuations.

Being a mobile app-based solution, SignOnSite is contactless and reduces COVID-19 transmission risk.

Job site safety is an ongoing concern for contractors, especially as process complexity increases which makes safety protocols more complex. OSHA estimates that nearly one-quarter of work-related industries are in the construction industry. Safety compliance and increased safety vigilance have been proven to reduce job-related injuries, reduce losses in time and money by 20% to 40%, and improve public safety.

Trillium is part of the Love’s Family of Companies which has a national network of truck stop and truck service locations. Trillium operates over 200 CNG fueling stations across the United States and offers services such as station design, construction, 24/7 operation and maintenance, grant writing, and commercial support. Building CNG fueling stations require unique design and safety measures to accommodate high-pressure tanks, including special installation procedures and using materials that are quite different from gasoline and diesel stations. CNG stations are subject to highly complex building codes and requirements and a more rigorous set of safety codes, standards, and regulations.

With SignOnSite, managers establish a site boundary on a digital map and workers are automatically logged into and out of the job site using a Passport credential set up in a SignOnSite smartphone app. In addition to attendance records, the SignOnSite app notifies workers of site safety rules, provides daily safety briefings, and shares work site information. It also can be used for site-specific orientations to ensure workers receive and acknowledge safety briefings. Workers also can use SignOnSite platform to store emergency contact information, qualifications, trade licenses and other data. A kiosk version also is available that provides on-site registration without the need for a mobile device.

"More mobile technology is being adopted on the job site, and we are seeing more North American companies like Trillium adopting mobile systems like SignOnSite to promote worker safety," said Mitch Harmer, Co-Founder & CEO of SignOnSite. "No other solution gives you real-time visibility into your on-site workforce while enforcing safety protocols and compliance. We expect more companies to adopt mobile solutions like SignOnSite to manage employee traffic and personnel safety."

In addition to registering employees entering the job site and providing safety updates, SignOnSite also generates site statistics reports to show worksite activity. Reports provide data such as the total number of site visitors, the number of subcontractors, the companies that visit the site, total hours, and more. Attendance data also can be shared with a Procore manpower register to calculate individual workers’ time on the job site.

About SignOnSite

SignOnSite is a personnel safety application used in construction, commercial, civil engineering, government, industrial, and utility sites. Proven in the field, SignOnSite has been used on more than 7,000 sites protecting 300,000 people. SignOnSite is designed to provide paperless management of workers on-site, including orientations, communications, and evacuations. With SignOnSite, managers get real-time visibility into their onsite workforce, including analytics for safety compliance and personnel management.

SignOnSite is headquartered in Canberra, Australia. For more information, visit


Nish Bandara
Head of Marketing, SignOnSite
+61 447 127 775
[email protected]

Construction worker on site
Construction worker on site

Mitch Harmer, CEO and Co-Founder
Mitch Harmer, CEO and Co-Founder

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