MoneyBrain joins with Rainus to put an AI human in Electronic Shelf Labels

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — MoneyBrain (CEO Jang Se-young), which specializes in artificial intelligence (AI), announced they are supplying an AI video synthesizing solution to Rainus, a company specializing in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL).

Left: Jang Se-young (CEO of Moneybrain) Right: Hyun Hak Kim (CEO of Rainus)
Left: Jang Se-young (CEO of Moneybrain) Right: Hyun Hak Kim (CEO of Rainus)

MoneyBrain is a leading startup that has proved its high utilization and efficiency by introducing AI models in various fields such as broadcasting, education and service industries based on world-class real-time interactive AI technology.

MoneyBrain’s interactive AI service is based on AI Video Synthesizing technology. Digital AI human has learned the creator’s information (look, voice, gesture, language, etc.) with deep learning technology and provides video information such as product price, user review and advertisement.

MoneyBrain, signed an agreement with Rainus, and will carry out a government project called "AI voucher support project."

"AI voucher support project" promoted by Korea National IT Industry Promotion Agency is a state-funded project to expand the scope of AI utilization by issuing vouchers to small and medium enterprises that need to apply AI products or services.

The purpose of "AI voucher support project" is to utilize solutions from suppliers that provide AI solutions that they want by utilizing vouchers.

The task contents of the AI voucher project is to establish and operate system for application of ai human technology for distribution stores, practical application. By using speaker-aware video technology and real-time interactive AI technology, it is possible to provide customized multimedia information services available in stores around the world. Thus, it can be expected to be a preoccupation of the global distribution market. In addition, AI explains products in distribution stores to maximize consumers’ understanding of products and increase sales accordingly.

MoneyBrain changed preconceived notions about the monotonous interaction of AI with users. MoneyBrain’s AI video synthesis solution is not only easy to use but also enough to prove of real-time conversational AI’s usability in various such as electronic shelf labels, broadcast service, E-learning, and commerce.

Jang Se-young, CEO of MoneyBrain said, "With the convergence of AI and IoT technologies, the retail market will continue to grow in the future. We will continue to develop various AI platforms and be in part of the global market."

MoneyBrain Overview

MoneyBrain is a startup that provides artificial intelligence services. MoneyBrain’s deep learning technology can analyze natural language and process voice and video, and it aims to provide interactive artificial intelligence services such as AI English conversation and AI virtual model.

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