Reporting Conversations now made easy in Messenger

Facebook Messenger plays a big part in many people’s daily life. It makes it possible for a lot of people to communicate with family and friends thru chat or video call. Aside from this, we also get to make plans and to share videos and photos with them in Messenger. However, many of us encounter problems at different times and situations using the app.

Messenger’s solution: Reporting Conversations

To keep things running smoothly, avoid issues and protect its users, Messenger is continuously working on improvements. And just recently, they have made modifications on the option of reporting conversations in the app.

Before, we can only report problems in Messenger thru Facebook’s reporting tools or the Messenger web. Now,  they’re introducing new tools on mobile so people can report conversations that violate their Community Standards.

To give you an overview, the steps to do the report are as follows:

  1. Click on Details while you’re on the conversation page.
  2. Scroll down and click on Something’s Wrong.
  3. You have to choose among the categories including Harassment, Hate Speech, Pretending to be Someone and more.
  4. In some cases, you will be given another set of choices after clicking on a category to make the report more specific.
  5. Finally, send feedback.

After sending the feedback, you will receive a confirmation that it has been submitted and will be pending for review.

Aside from reporting, you also have the option to ignore or block the person.

The modification made by Messenger is also aimed to make things easier and better for their Community Operations. This is because they would have to review reports in more than 50 languages which takes a lot of time. With the new format made for reporting conversations, users will be able avoid bad experiences on the app.

Mr. Michel also said that they are encouraging people to use this feature in order to help make Messenger a safer and better messaging app for everyone.


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