20 Fun & Casual Out-Of-Office Messages for Memorial Day

Memorial Day, a time for remembrance, respect, and (yes) relaxation. It’s the perfect moment to step away from the office and soak up the start of summer. If you’re planning to be away for the holiday, you’ll need an out-of-office message that captures your absence and your personality. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 20 fun, casual, yet professional out-of-office messages for Memorial Day.

1. Gone Fishing for Memorial Day!
“Hello there! I’ve gone fishing in the name of Memorial Day. Rest assured, I’ll reel in your message when I return on Tuesday.”

2. Taking a Break for Memorial Day
“Hi there! I’m currently out grilling and chilling in honor of Memorial Day. I promise to get back to you once the BBQ cools down, on Tuesday.”

3. Memorial Day Escape
“I’ve managed to escape my desk for Memorial Day. But don’t worry! I’ll be back to rescue your email when I return on Tuesday.”

4. Memorial Day Adventure
“Hi! I’ve gone on a small adventure for Memorial Day. I’ll be back Tuesday, ready to tackle your email.”

5. Observing Memorial Day – Be Back Soon!
“Hey there! I’m out of office celebrating Memorial Day, probably eating way too many hot dogs. I’ll get back to you, hot dog free, on Tuesday.”

6. In Search of Sunshine!
“In the spirit of Memorial Day, I’m off in search of sunshine and good times. I’ll be back on Tuesday to reply to your message.”

7. Memorial Day Fun
“Hello! I’m off to enjoy some Memorial Day fun. Don’t worry, your email isn’t forgotten – I’ll be back to it on Tuesday.”

8. Memorial Day Vacation – Back Soon!
“Currently, I’m taking a break and having some fun this Memorial Day. Your email will be responded to as soon as I return on Tuesday.”

9. Away for Memorial Day – See You Soon!
“Hi! I’m off enjoying a s’mores-filled Memorial Day weekend. I promise I won’t come back too sticky and will answer your email on Tuesday.”

10. Memorial Day Break – Out of Office
“Hey! I’m away from my desk celebrating Memorial Day. But no worries, I’ll be back on Tuesday, ready to dive into your email.”

And the fun doesn’t stop there…

11. Memorial Day – Office Unattended
“I’m currently out and about in honor of Memorial Day. You’ll hear from me when I’m back on Tuesday, ready to tackle your email.”

12. Observing Memorial Day – Office Empty
“Hello! I’m currently not in the office, taking the time to remember and celebrate Memorial Day. Will get back to your email on Tuesday with full energy!”

13. On a Memorial Day Adventure!
“Hey! I’m off on a Memorial Day adventure. Don’t worry, I’ll return on Tuesday, ready to embark on the adventure that is your email.”

14. Celebrating Memorial Day – Out of Office
“Greetings! I’m out celebrating Memorial Day, which means I’ll be back Tuesday, recharged and ready to respond to your email.”

15. Taking a Break – Memorial Day
“Hi there! I’m taking a well-deserved break this Memorial Day. Fear not, I will be back Tuesday, ready to answer your email.”

16. Memorial Day – Fun in the Sun
“Hello! I’m currently enjoying some fun in the sun for Memorial Day. I’ll get back to your email when I return on Tuesday.”

17. Memorial Day – Recharging
“Hello! I’m recharging my batteries this Memorial Day. You can expect a reply when I’m fully charged on Tuesday!”

18. Memorial Day – Off to the Races
“Hello! I’m currently away, partaking in the great Memorial Day potato sack race. I promise not to drop your email, and will reply to it when I return on Tuesday.”

19. Fun Times – Memorial Day
“Hey! I’ve stepped away from the desk to soak up some sun this Memorial Day. As soon as I’m done, I’ll be back to respond to your email on Tuesday.”

20. Memorial Day – A Well-Deserved Break
“Hi! I’m out enjoying a well-deserved break this Memorial Day, probably with an ice cream in hand. I’ll be back, hopefully less sticky, to respond to your email on Tuesday.”

Remember, you can adjust these messages to fit your style and the vibe of your workplace. Regardless of how you decide to phrase it, the most important thing is to ensure your message is clear, considerate, and lets the recipient know when they can expect to hear back from you. Happy Memorial Day!

Remember to change the dates and days of the week in your out-of-office messages each year to match the current calendar.


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