Photography’s Rule of Thirds

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A little Photography Background:

Taking interest in photography for me started way back year 2000 when a co-employee introduced me to this fascinating world of art. I have been looking for my talents in the world of art but sadly, painting, singing and dancing and the like were not my strong points. Until I found photography, at first I thought photography was nothing more than a business or a hobby but I was wrong. I later on discovered that photography is an art. I did not immediately start on shooting pictures after being introduced to the world of photography since i was held back by some financial constraints, as you know photography requires expensive equipment. My interest never stopped as i got into reading photography books and magazines and from time to time i just borrow a camera, until eventually i was able to purchase an entry level camera.

What have I learned in Photography?

In the course of my reading i always encounter tips about the rule of thirds. I have learned the different use of this rule and have found this to be photography’s main rule apart from being creative, kinda conflicting isn’t it?

What is the Rule of Thirds?

In my own understanding, the rule of thirds is where a subject is placed in the intersection of lines when you divide the frame or your viewfinder (the rectangular shaped screen where you focus the subject) into three columns and three rows. This way, you will be able to compose your photo incorporating both the subject and the background. You will be able to put your subject in focus while blurring the background, a method that shows drama in your photo.

Steps in the Rule of Thirds

1. Using your digital camera you can activate the grid lines in the LCD screen where it will display the image as shown below:

Techtography Rule of Thirds
Dividing the Frame into 3 columns and 3 rows

2. Each line intersection would be your focus point which means it is on these focus points or intersection where you subject or part of it should be placed.

Rule of thirds Techtography
The Line Intersections

3. Place your subject or part of it in one of the line intersection, adjust your focus; and, provided you have sufficient light you will be able to take your subject and its background following the rule of thirds.

Techtography Moon Shot
Using the rule of thirds

As what i have discovered in my readings, the rule of thirds is a basic rule that every photographer must know and with the digital age even point and shoot cameras can take great photos following the rule of thirds concept. So, whether you are into street photography, macro photography, wedding photography, or just a hobbyist you should always remember the rule of thirds.




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