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I played with the domain name and combined the two things i love, philippines technology and baguio photography. I am not a great photographer in fact i am still a photographer in training. I have been fascinated in the world of photography as it is a form of art to which i can relate to. I cant paint, i cant sing nor can i dance but with photography i can create art. Technology on the other hand brings out my geek side, i have always been amazed of the different advances in technology, my aim is to blog about technology particularly in my home country the Philippines, i hope that i could give justice to the different technology products as i believe that each and every product released to the market is a person or a groups’ labor of love.

What else can we expect in this site?

Well one of my goals is to hopefully review different tech products as they are about to be launched. I also aim, as a Baguio Blogger, to promote Baguio City as a haven for photographers, and as a long term goal i hope to interview Baguio City’s and the Philippines’ best Photographers and blog about them and if possible share some of their best shots in this blog site.

I hope i can fuse art and technology in this blog site.

To God Be the Glory!


Vince is a tech geek, has a passion for sharing knowledge and loves to tinker with different gadgets. Whenever he gets a new gadget he just open the box and figure out how the gadget works without reading the manual.

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