15 Top Tips to Spark Your Summer Photography

Lady walking on a flower field

As the vibrant hues of summer sweep across our surroundings, it’s the perfect time to try some fun and exciting photography techniques. Even if you’re new to the world of photography, don’t fret! We will guide you through 15 simple yet effective tips to help you capture the beauty of summer, from the shimmering morning sun to the ethereal night filled with fireflies. This is for everyone, from curious teens to busy adults, so read on and get ready to unlock your inner photographer!

1. Harness the Summer Sun: Summer provides a range of lighting conditions to experiment with. Embrace cloudy days for soft, evenly distributed light—perfect for portraits and landscapes. On clear days, the high-contrast light brings out the dynamism in street photos. And don’t forget the golden hours—early morning and late afternoon—where the long shadows and warm tones can elevate your photos.
Tram yellow on a Summer sun
2. Illuminate the Night with Fireflies: For a magical summer night, try photographing fireflies. This requires patience and a long exposure setting on your camera to capture these glowing creatures dancing in the dark. Remember to use a tripod to keep your camera steady during this process.
Photo of Fireflies in the Forest
3. Dive into Underwater Photography: Why limit yourself to land? An underwater adventure presents a treasure trove of photo opportunities—exotic fish, intriguing play of light and water, or even a daring underwater portrait. Just make sure you have the right equipment to protect your camera and you’re all set!
Underwater photo of a kid swimming
4. A Week with One Subject: To push your creativity, choose one subject and photograph it daily for a week. Mix things up—vary the timing, weather, and composition. This challenge will enhance your ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.
Dog with shades in the pool

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5. Enchant with the Blue Hour: The brief period after sunset, known as the blue hour, swathes the world in a soft, mystical light. Capture this serene time with a good low-light camera or a tripod to avoid any blurriness.
Shot of the Pier during blue hour
6. Craft Dramatic Silhouettes: As the sun descends, it’s the perfect time to create silhouettes. Position your subject between you and the sun, and watch as the resulting silhouette adds a layer of drama to your image.
Silhoutte photo of a family
7. Feel the Summer Vibes: Summer bursts with energy—capture this in your photographs. Document the laughter at water fights, the intense focus during a beach volleyball game, or simply the joy of basking in the sun.
Kids playing water gun fight happy
8. Reflect with Summer Light: Utilize the radiant summer light to produce captivating reflections. Be it in a serene lake, a city window, or even a pair of stylish sunglasses, reflections can add an unexpected twist to your images.
Mountain reflection on the lake
9. Embrace the Tiny Wonders with Macro Photography: Summer teems with life. Explore macro photography and marvel at the intricate details of blooming flowers, bustling insects, or morning dew drops on leaves.
Blue Dragonfly perched on a leaf

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10. Shape Stories with Shadows: Summer sun casts long, fascinating shadows. Use them to add depth, create perspective, or even serve as intriguing subjects themselves.
Shadows projected against a wall
11. Pop Up the Colors: Summer is a symphony of colors. Compose your shots with vibrant hues that catch the eye and elevate the mood.
Colorful mini houses at the beach
12. Witness the Magic of Sunrises and Sunsets: With longer summer days, you have more chances to photograph the majestic colors of sunrises and sunsets. These moments can provide breathtaking backdrops for any subject.
Sunrise at the pier
13. Shift Your Perspective: Break away from the usual eye-level shots. Try photographing from an elevated point or ground level to bring a fresh perspective to your images.
Man on the Grand Canyon
14. Meet the Local Wildlife: Use summer as an opportunity to venture into wildlife photography. As animals become more active, you’ll have plenty of chances to capture their fascinating behaviors.
Seagulls at the pier
15. Enhance with a Polarizing Filter: Lastly, consider using a polarizing filter for your summer shots. It can help reduce unwanted reflections, darken blue skies, and enrich colors—making your photos stand out even more.
Using polarizing filter and its effects
Remember, the key to great photography is practice and patience. So, grab your camera, explore these tips, and unleash your creative potential this summer!


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