Basic Landscape Photography Tips

landscape photography tips

Why Believe Me?

As stated in my introduction in this website I am not an expert in the field of photography. What inspired me to create this page on photography tips is to share the knowledge i gained during the course of my study of photography, don’t get me wrong i did not enroll in college for a photography class, i only read books, tested shots, read forums, took some shots, asked advise, took again some shots, attended seminars and again took some shots and finally i draw inspiration from professional photographers who were kind enough to share their output and i took some shots.

Landscape PhotograpHy

I particularly took interest in landscape photography when i first saw an image which i thought was a painting or was a digitally enhanced painting and to my surprise the image of that field of flowers was actually a photograph. Landscape photography is the process of taking photos of different landscapes artistically with the aim of capturing the beauty and wonders of mother nature specifically the different land masses and bodies of water.

Landscape Photography Tips

1. Use the magical light – the best lighting condition is during the magical light hour this is either at dusk or dawn. In the Philippines the magical light could only last for about thirty minutes to an hour since the sun rises and sets faster in areas near the equator where the Philippines is situated. During these times you will be able to capture the landscapes in various light colors like orange or purple.

2. Take the three parts of a landscape – to add better composition for your photos look for the three sections or parts in your landscape photograph these sections are:

2.1 Foreground – this is the image of the subject nearest the photographer, if you incorporate this in your photos you would start the line of     sight for the person viewing your photo.

2.2 Middle Ground – usually the subject within the horizon. This could be trees, land masses or group of objects found beyond the foreground subject.

2.3 The Sky – since you will be using the magical light it would be a good idea to include the sky in your composition to utilize the light in its different shades of orange, purple or blue, who knows you might even capture a good cloud shot or two.

To Conclude:

When i started photographing landscapes i did not have any idea on how to compose my photos, I thought taking motion photos was difficult but i realize now that the degree of difficulty for street photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, macro photography are equal with landscape photography in their own right. I hope with these basic landscape photography tips or guidelines you would be able to start somewhere in your quest to taking great landscape photos.


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