Petal Maps Unveils AR Walking Navigation Feature for Today’s Explorers

SHENZHEN, China, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The recently-released version of Petal Maps comes with a treasure trove of innovative features, including AR walking navigation, new favorite location icons, a new and improved navigation interface, as well as support for Android, and iOS downloads. Petal Maps is designed as a new way for smart device users to explore their world, and is chock full of groundbreaking interactions and cutting-edge technology. The app already covers more than 160 countries/regions, and reaches a global user base of over 20 million. Longstanding features like lane-level guidance and medals, among others, have drawn widespread acclaim, and contributed to the platform’s rapid growth.

Seamless AR technology, to make walks more intuitive and immersive

Walking-based navigation has long suffered from the "last kilometer" issue. Even when the location and direction are displayed in traditional navigation apps, most users will still struggle to correctly orient themselves when encountering intricate networks of lanes and alleys. Petal Maps has introduced an all-new AR technology into its navigation feature, which uses the mobile camera as a sensor, and overlays the navigation instructions on the real world environment, with the help of smart visual recognition technology. By distinguishing between the current location and myriad of environmental data, Petal Maps can bring the direction of the arrow, road names, and other key info into perfect sync with what your eyes tell you, for seamless cohesion between virtual maps and the real environments that they represent.

On the walking navigation page, Start has been replaced with [AR] Start. When you lift your phone vertically, and the camera permission authorized, instructions such as straight, turning, approaching/reaching the destination will be overlaid on the real world setting, which is shown onscreen. These intuitive visuals make it easy to reach your destination in as little time as possible, and with minimal effort. You can also switch between plane navigation and panoramic navigation, according to your specific route and real time needs. 

Now that there’s no need to try to make sense of maps, you’ll find that it’s so much easier to keep your walks on track, from departure to destination. Features like panoramic navigation, and guided directions, built into Petal Maps’ AR technology, bridge the longstanding divide between real world settings and virtual maps.

New custom icons, to take in your world at a glance

Users have long been able to mark asterisks for their favorite locations, but this standard icon makes it hard to distinguish between different types of places. The new location icons have been greatly enriched, with six colors to choose from, and three new shapes, in addition to the default flag and star icons. You can personalize the icon styles and colors for all of your favorite places, so that your day-to-day life is represented in a highly organized and visually appealing manner.

In addition to its wide array of enriching features, Petal Maps is also broadly compatible with all major smart device systems, which means that Android, and iOS users can all enjoy trailblazing technologies like point of interest searches and smart navigation. Petal Maps will continue to expand and enhance its capabilities, in order to provide users with the best possible experience at all times.

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