Industrial AI Startup OnePredict Begins a Global Roll-out of GuardiOne Substation at 2022 IEEE PES T&D

  • GuardiOne® Substation, an Industrial AI-based transformer predictive maintenance solution, has presented the future of maintenance at the world’s largest electric power trade event.
  • Setting its sights on further expansion abroad, OnePredict built solid partnerships with key overseas players.

SEOUL, South Korea, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — OnePredict, a South Korean industrial AI-based facility predictive maintenance (PdM) solution company, showcased the company’s brand-new product, GuardiOne® Substation, at the 2022 IEEE PES T&D (Transmission & Distribution) Conference and Exposition. The trade show was held in New Orleans, LA, USA, from April 25th to 28th.

onepredict's booth at IEEE PES T&D
onepredict’s booth at IEEE PES T&D

OnePredict is an industrial AI-based software solution startup established in 2016 based in Korea. Their flagship "digital twin" solution, GuardiOne®, provides a high-accuracy diagnosis of the health status of various key industrial facilities and predicts failures in advance through the company’s unique algorithm. Securing top-tier customers in multiple industries such as high-tech manufacturing, energy generation, petrochemicals, and utilities, the company is currently leading the country’s industrial AI industry.

Held just once every two years, the IEEE PES T&D is the world’s biggest international trade event for power transmission and distribution held in major cities in the states. An unmatched opportunity is offered to energy professionals through the event to reconnect and explore the most comprehensive display of innovative T&D solutions to respond to current and future challenges. This year’s IEEE PES T&D was attended by more than 650 companies from all around the world. It was OnePredict’s first-ever global face-to-face affairs. Nonetheless, it received an overwhelmingly positive response from industry experts in the energy generation and electric power sectors.

Over the three event days, OnePredict was able to interact with industry key players gathered from each country and establish a bridgehead for overseas expansion. In addition, the company showcased its new product GuardiOne® Substation, an Industrial AI solution that diagnoses and predicts the health status of oil-filled transformers. GuardiOne® Substation’s AI algorithms are developed and adopted to analyze the existing Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) data to provide health status and prediction results on transformers as a web service. That’s how the solution raises accuracy in diagnosing failures of transformer as well as predicts future potential failures much in advance. The accuracy of diagnosis and prediction has been proven by a number of blind tests with customers using their past data.

Byeng Youn, Chief Executive Officer of OnePredict, stated, "…. by attending the 2022 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition, we are given an opportunity to bring our best practices and next-generation tools to the attention of power engineers. Starting with this activity, we will deliver the values of industrial AI solutions to the world until all field workers rest assured when it comes to industrial sites."

About GuardiOne®

GuardiOne® is an industrial AI-based software solution that analyzes industrial big data (noise, vibration, electric current, and temperature signals, etc.) generated by key industrial facilities to diagnose asset health, predict potential failures, and estimate the remaining lifetime of assets. GuardiOne® focuses on minimizing downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs that are inevitably caused by existing rule-based management in core industrial facility environments that deal with turbomachinery, motors, and bearings to improve equipment utilization.

About OnePredict

OnePredict provides an industrial AI-based solution of predictive analytics software for industrial applications. Analyzing industrial data based on a unique algorithm that combines the depth of domain knowledge and a rich set of available data, the company has successfully delivered some of the most challenging projects that extend across customers in manufacturing, energy, power distribution, oil and gas, and semiconductor industries. OnePredict is growing as a global leader in industrial AI by introducing the GuardiOne® solution that provides innovative facility diagnostic insights derived from high-level technology and rich industrial know-hows. For more information, please visit the official website (



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