NOWIRE Releases “DROP-IT”, The World’s Largest Omni Position Wireless Charger On Indiegogo

ZHUHAI, China, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After the debut of CYBERBOARD – NOWIRE, a DNVB focused on revolutionary desktop products, owned by Angry Miao, has released its’ third heavyweight product "DROP-IT" which is the world’s largest omni position wireless charger with a bold design. Surprisingly, it also supports the latest iPhone 12 magnetic charge. "DROP-IT", priced at 270 USD, was officially launched on Indiegogo today at 12p.m. PTD.

"DROP-IT", The World's Largest Omni Position Wireless Charger
"DROP-IT", The World’s Largest Omni Position Wireless Charger

"We’ve always believed that ‘Wireless is the future," said Nan Li, founder of Angry Miao, " The AirPower released by Apple in 2017 made us believe that omni position wireless charging must be the right way to achieve the ultimate user experience." Leaving aside from technological deficiencies, most companies’ designs are rather uninspiring. We wanted to make products that not only work great but also have radical, provoking design, conveying our messages to the worldwide community. Thus, we made ‘DROP-IT’ and ‘CYBERBOARD’."

Joker-Inspired Cyberpunk Aesthetic Design

Angry Miao’s community loves the rebellious spirit of JOKER and that’s why this unique product was designed. Inspired by the Joker, one of the most famous villains in the comics, "DROP-IT" features several neon green LED lights glittering around the station in psychedelic purple. Seeing through the translucent glass, the 22 purple coils are meant to provide a striking visual impact. 

Moreover, the active-cooling silent turbofan matches the green LED, reminding users of the Joker shuffling in the dark night. The cyberpunk aesthetic from the CYBERBOARD has continued. 

22-coil Omni Position + Single-coil Magnetic Wireless Charge

With regard to functionality, the 22 full surface coils means that people can drop their devices on the superstation freely, without the need to double-check every time to make sure that their devices are really charging. Four devices, e.g. iPhone, Androids, AirPods, TWS, and other Qi-supported devices can all be charged wirelessly at the same time. 

"DROP-IT" also comes with a magnetic single-coil charger on the side, which is specifically designed for the iPhone 12 series to satisfy the die-hard Apple fans.

The active cooling system, featuring a silent turbofan, has brought ultimate quietness to the users. What’s more, the 65W PD charger can provide full power to 4 devices at the same time.

Created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the "DROP-IT" design team is a Red Dot award-winning team, including members previously from many leading tech brands.

Users can also join the Angry Miao Discord to stay tuned with the "DROP-IT" developments and share your good ideas at 

For fundraising information, please visit: DROP-IT 


Founded in 2019 by the former SVP of Meizu Technology and President of Meilan, NOWIRE is a digitally native vertical brand (DNVB) that focuses on revolutionary wireless desktop products and TWS, as well as IP-centric products in order to enhance emotional brand connections.

Believing in a wireless future, NOWIRE is a sub-brand of Angry Miao. Based on the leading wireless charging technology, the unique design of NOWIRE series products aims to eliminate all power cables on the desktop.

The Company: Angry Miao — a community driven creation company.


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