CASETiFY Releases a Colorful Collection for the New iPhone 12 Series

The lineup includes super slim cases, engineered in shock-absorbing QiTech™ material, for up to 9.8-ft drop protection and top-of-the-line coverage.

HONG KONG and LOS ANGELES, Oct. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Following Apple’s keynote, leading custom accessory brand, CASETiFY, announces the introduction of its latest collection for iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The series includes iPhone 12 case options in 15+ new colorways, sustainable materials, personalized elements, and dual layered protection. The collection is available for order today at

The lineup includes super slim cases, engineered in shock-absorbing QiTech™ material, for up to 9.8-ft drop protection and top-of-the-line coverage.
The lineup includes super slim cases, engineered in shock-absorbing QiTech™ material, for up to 9.8-ft drop protection and top-of-the-line coverage.

An industry leader since 2011, the brand CASETiFY is known for bumping up the protection of its globally loved phone cases every year. Among the brand’s classic styles, CASETiFY is upgrading the best-selling Impact Case, providing new materials and premium coverage like never before. True to CASETiFY’s mission of making an impact, the Impact Case 2020 collection includes sustainably engineered iPhone 12 cases made from 50% recycled PC materials by weight, printed with eco-friendly ink, and packaged in 100% recyclable material. Continuing efforts to lessen the carbon footprint, CASETiFY is proud to share that its production facilities are ISO14001-certified for using rainwater collection, recycling systems, and other sustainable practices.

As protection remains at the core of CASETiFY products, this year the brand also introduces its first-ever antimicrobial case. Layered with the brand’s proprietary DEFENSiFY™ coating, the Impact Case 2020 and the new Ultra Impact Cases will provide an extra line of defense for the iPhone 12 series, destroying 99% of bacteria and germs from the phone’s surface. For more information on DEFENSiFY™, please visit

"Every year, customers look to us for the most innovative and protective cases in the world," said CASETiFY CEO and Cofounder, Wes Ng. "With quality and customization in mind, we’re excited to introduce our community to the most colorful and impactful cases for the iPhone 12 series."

With all CASETiFY products, customers can expect the newest styles to offer ultimate coverage in a stylishly slim framework. To safeguard Apple’s engineering, each case includes a signature flash-absorbing camera ring around the camera cut out, in addition to a raised bezel for corner-to-corner coverage surrounding the iPhone’s glass screen. In true CASETiFY form, every case offers a variety of colors and personalized elements, making the cases the number one choice for "Protection with Personality."

Information and specs on the latest collections are as follows:

  • Impact Case 2020: Engineered in CASETiFY’s proprietary qìTech™ materials, Impact Cases offer 360º protection from drops up to 6.6-ft, with corner-to-corner protection of the iPhone’s construction. Every Impact Case runs less than 12mm thin, as the slimmest shock-absorbing case with tons of designs and customizable features. Now available in sustainably sourced materials, 50% recycled PC materials by weight, and new antimicrobial DEFENSiFY™ coating, for the latest series.
  • Ultra Impact Case: Bump up the protection with four corners of extra qìTech™ coverage, providing 3x military grade standard construction to safeguard phone drops up to 9.8-ft. Every detail is fine-tuned to create optimal protection and superior impact resistance, with sustainably sourced materials (50% recycled PC materials by weight), available in colorful and clear options, and layered with the brand’s antimicrobial coating, DEFENSiFY™.
  • Leather Case: Made of 90% recycled materials by weight, the biodegradable vegan leather cases are handcrafted in a luxe textured material and fitted with a premium black flash-absorbing CASETiFY camera ring.

Customers will be able to shop these collections and more in thousands of prints and personalized finishes. All of the CASETiFY classics like the Custom Mirror Case, Neon Sand Case, Glitter Case, Marble Case, Grip Case and the newly launched 100% Compostable Case from the CASETiFY CONSCiOUS collection will upgrade in the following weeks to be compatible with iPhone 12 cases.

This month, CASETiFY will also be rolling out its new sustainability program, RECASETiFY, which invites customers to send any pre-owned iPhone and AirPods cases to the brand’s recycling center. Aligned with the brand’s Mission to Zero initiative, every returned product will be recycled, reused, upcycled, or safely disposed of through TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box™ program. In exchange for qualifying returned items, customers will receive 15% off their next purchase on The new program is available in participating locations (including the United States and Hong Kong), with more locations coming soon. For more information on RECASETiFY, please visit

To shop the new iPhone 12 cases, and to learn more about CASETiFY and its products, please visit For the latest news on CASETiFY, sign up for the newsletter and stay tuned to @CASETiFY on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Founded in 2011, CASETiFY is recognized as the first and largest global platform for custom tech accessories. The leading Gen Z casemaker not only delivers high quality products to millions of customers around the world, but every case is inspected top to bottom for a stylishly slim, drop-proof accessory. Fans of the brand often look to CASETiFY for special edition collaborations with top creatives and talents across industries. Members of the CASETiFY Co-Lab program include Moncler Genius, Vetements, DHL, Coca-Cola, The Pokémon Company, streetwear label BAPE, and global K-Pop group BTS. For more information on CASETiFY, its stores, partners and products, visit

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