MoneyBrain, new AI Video tech leader in contactless at CES 2021

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MoneyBrain, a market leading AI video synthesis technology startup, takes the first step in the global synthetic media market with showcase at CES 2021.

MoneyBrain, new AI Video tech leader in contactless at CES 2021
MoneyBrain, new AI Video tech leader in contactless at CES 2021

MoneyBrain is a startup, specialized in deep learning and video synthesis technologies. "Artificial humans reading latest news, and curating products on the screen can be created instantly when you have your scripts ready" said Eric Jang, CEO at MoneyBrain. "Further, our technology can be coupled with any chatbot system to provide interactive human-like experiences, all in Full HD."

MoneyBrain is the first company to commercialize video synthesis technology and it has experienced an annual growth of 500% in revenue since its first launch in 2019 and recognition for its market leading video synthesis solution. MoneyBrain expects its superior technology to be the solution for industries requiring expensive, time consuming and labor intensive video productions as well as human resources needed for customer services.

"The possibilities are endless with MoneyBrain," said Felix Kim, director at MoneyBrain. "Since pandemic, there are more clients looking for solutions to provide contactless services in and they are stoked with the result."

While the CES 2021 is held digitally due to the impact of Covid-19, MoneyBrain is excited to show its human like AI models to CES 2021 attendees.

Se-young Jang, the CEO of MoneyBrain said, "MoneyBrain is the only one in the world that can synthesize interactive AI human videos, and will accelerate its entry into the global market starting with CES 2021."

Name: Felix Jae-ho Kim
Email: [email protected]
Position: Business development director


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