Keenon’s New Delivery Robot Debuting at iREX 2022 Transforms Restaurant and Hotel Experience

TOKYO, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Keenon Robotics Co., Ltd. (Keenon Robotics), the world’s leading service robotics company, is set to bring its full portfolio of hospitality robot products to the International Robot Exhibition 2022 (iREX 2022), one of the largest robotics tradeshows in the world. During the 4-day event running from March 9-12 in Tokyo, alongside an online exhibition space open to the public from March 1-18, iREX visitors will be able to have a close-up experience with Keenon’s market-leading indoor delivery robots, including the new, compact, and lightweight delivery robot T8 that will make its debut in the Japanese market.

"Keenon Robotics is honored to have this opportunity to bring our latest technologies for intelligent robots to iREX 2022 where we are thrilled to showcase our wide-ranging and high-performance product line-ups designed for a variety of needs in the hospitality industry. Our tailor-made AI-powered robotic solutions enable restaurants and hotels to achieve high-efficiency automation, boosting employees’ productivity and elevating the customer experience to a whole new level," said Murakami Matsuo, Regional Sales Director for Japan.

Featuring an elegant and compact structure, the Delivery Robot T8 is an adorable and capable assistant for restaurants and hotels. This new model is equipped with a centimeter-level positioning system which allows it to navigate narrow spaces with ease. It also can communicate and collaborate with other units to complete more complicated delivery tasks, reducing response times to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for guests.

Keenon’s industry-leading high-precision automatic positioning and navigation technology allows the robots to quickly adapt to the working environment and deliver excellent cross-floor room delivery and dish-serving services. Coupled with the auto-charging feature, their high operation efficiency has made them perfect assistants for a wide range of business scenarios, especially in the post-pandemic era as consumers are increasingly prioritizing contactless options for health and safety concerns.

In February 2022, SoftBank Robotics Group Corp (SBRG) and IRIS OHYAMA Corp co-launched the "Keenbot IRIS EDITION ” serving and transporting robots of Keenon in Japan, a millstone cooperation followed with the strategic partnership between Keenon and SBRG in robotics fields.

About Keenon Robotics

Keenon Robotics, founded in 2010, is committed to using AI technology to empower surrounding life. It is the world’s leading commercial service robot company. With stable, efficient, and practical commercial service robots as the business core, the company offers intelligent solutions for various scenarios including restaurants, hotels, and government offices. Keenon robots have been deployed in more than 30+ countries, serving over 10,000 customers worldwide. For more information, please visit



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