Shoplazza Launches Partner Program — A Brand New Path Leading To More Entrepreneurs

TORONTO, March 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The United States, March 10th, 2022. Shoplazza announced its Partner Program officially today.

The Shoplazza Partner Program is an unique offering to connect global partners and developers with the consistently growing number of Shoplazza merchants. It intends to remove all the barriers and hassles from working with merchants, who possess various business needs and demands, by directly providing them with all the necessary tools and resources needed to make a success. The Partner Program has already opened two-tier collaboration channels to the market.

Developer program

It’s designed for App and Theme Developers who intend to build or already have existing eCommerce-related Apps and themes for the growing merchants. Merchants may directly find the publicly listed App from Shoplazza AppStore, then install it to their store. It offers all necessary help documents and guidance to help both App and Theme developers to achieve their success at Shoplazza. As a developer, the revenue is generated through monthly subscriptions, annual and one-time purchase on the services or store themes.

Visit Shoplazza Developers Center to learn more.

Affiliate Program

The Shoplazza Affiliate Program is created to invite qualified influencers, digital marketers, online educators, content creators and anyone who wishes to educate and convert existing or unexplored audiences as being Shoplazza merchants, by earning commissions from their referrals.

The preferred Affiliate Program Partners may meet the following criteria:

  1. Who owns and runs the active accounts on various social media platforms.
  2. Who may already have an established audience via different channels.
  3. Who creates original content, including training courses on open-source-training-platforms, articles, or guidance.
  4. Anyone who is experienced in eCommerce, digital marketing, online store operations, or other eCommerce platforms.

Mutual-Investing Strategy from Shoplazza

Strengthening Relationships with Shoplazza Growing Merchants

Partners, developers, merchants invest in Shoplazza, now Shoplazza invests back. It is an utterly simple equation, but crafting a mutually beneficial Partner Program has long guided and always lies at the center point among many other priorities. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with 360,000+ merchants and growing partners will definitely reshape the cross-border business landscape, also together build a NewGen digital business no one can imagine.

This year, Shoplazza is inviting global partners, developers, service exports, affiliate collaborators to join the platform and share the rapidly growing opportunities with the newly launched Partner Program that prioritizes long-term investment and commitment to Shoplazza partner community. Shoplazza simply focuses on creating more opportunities to build a digital business and empower partners with more room to create and expand.

The efforts include:

Onboarding – the partner and developer onboarding process has been simplified to help launch and run faster. A fully functional and developed partner related help document archive will offer a step-by-step guide.

Priority Partner Support – By leveraging Shoplazza credited customer support to help global partners and developers from different parts of the world, they can receive seamless support across different time zones.

In addition to the resources and efforts launched throughout 2021, a lot have been planned for 2022 of the Partner Program. Shoplazza is currently heavily investing in online education. Shoplazza Academy has just embarked on its journey to get ready for fresh training focusing on business growth. Knowledge-HUB is also on the way to offering more commercialized learning resources this year.

Why Build a Partnership with Shoplazza?

At this point in time, Shoplazza has already empowered more than 360,000 eCommerce merchants of various shapes and sizes. As a truly global SaaS shopping cart pioneer, the efforts in terms of continuous investments and innovations over cloud architectures and security measures lie at the center among all other priorities. The infrastructure-level advancements enable merchants‘ endless possibilities to creatively present their brands and products to anyone at any corner of the world, meanwhile pulling all their precious financial and manning resources to focus on the "Only Critical Mission" that is to grow their business.

Cloud Development

Shoplazza is a SaaS Shopping Cart platform based on advanced global cloud infrastructure. In this sense, it means that merchants can access and utilize Shoplazza featured store-building tools from anywhere in the world and at any time, with no restraints at all. Developers can also create, iterate and deploy their Apps to the Shoplazza AppStore anywhere and anytime. The App and services can be found, downloaded and installed by any merchants anywhere anytime. That also showsthe user as a partner or developer, the product and service will without any doubt benefit from Shoplazza’s global merchant base.

On the other hand, the rapid advancement of cloud computing technology will not only push Shoplazza to break through the traditional technical constraints, but also prompt developers to better adopt the new challenges and requirements of cloud architecture by learning at Shoplazza.

Expansion of eCommerce Know-How

Putting oneself into the shoes of a merchant at different aspects, store customization, automation of order and inventory management, fulfillment and shipping auto-tracking, payment smoothness, or simply acquiring more traffic to the store. By joining Shoplazza Partner Program, the partners and developers will be able to develop and expand knowledge and skills’ horizon while touching upon all critical aspects and elements of the eCommerce business.

As a partner or developer, the developer’s community also offers a great gathering space to allow global partners and developers to read the latest platform announcements, share technical knowledge and insights, and also to get to know each other. Shoplazza encourages learning and sharing to enable personal growth.

Added Revenue

Again, Shoplazza wants the partners and developers to have full visibility in front of the  growing merchants, and also be rewarded with all their efforts invested with Shoplazza. Shoplazza also developed a partner portal that people can use to make referrals, check up on their clients, and monitor their subsequent payments.

To conclude, Shoplazza dedicates a significant portion of its financial resources to develop and encourage the growth of the Partner Programs. Partners, developers can always trust and inject their products, services and talents by partnering with Shoplazza to expand the horizon of the online shopping experience.


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