KBS ARTVISION opens ‘AWESOME-K’, a V-commerce store

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ‘KBS ARTVISION’ launched a V-commerce store “Awesome-K” on Shoppe, an online platform in the South East Asia last July 1st.

Style telling by KBSART with Awesome-K
Style telling by KBSART with Awesome-K

Awesome-K is a part of ‘2020 Support project for companies exploring international V-Commerce markets’, and it helps the small and medium businesses of Korea to enter the global markets by creating video contents. 

After the announcement from KBS ARTVISION, it evaluated the applicants to select outstanding products and created V-Commerce contents that reflect the strengths and characteristics of the products. The videos casted Korean and Malaysian creators, who show how to use the products in the video and evoke interests from the viewers.

The companies that are featured on ‘Awesome-K’ receive various benefits such as promotions via SNS platform, customized local promotion to increase the sales, and more, in addition to the video creation. There is also a plan to hold live streaming events with professional show hosts and to launch a distributor brand that specializes in Korean products from small and medium businesses.

Awesome-K, a V-commerce store featuring various products of Korea with reasonable prices, can be accessed by searching Awesome-K at Shopee.

“Shopee is a E-commerce platform that has been downloaded more than 200,000 times and ranked as the no.1 shopping app in 7 countries of the South East Asia region. We launched a V Commerce-store by putting all of our know-hows and resources related to V-Commerce contents”, said Mr. Bae Young Sik, Manager of KBS ARTSVISION Contents Business Department.

Mr. Bae Young Sik also added that “we will do our best to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices to the customers in the South East Asia, and to support Korean companies to enter the global market”.



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