JOOX unveils the 2020 Music Annual Review

With insights about Hong Kong people’s habits on music streaming, karaoke singing, watching live and their music tastes under the new normal

Life may change, but music will stay

  • With people having spent more time at home, Hong Kong JOOX users’ total streaming time is equivalent to watching all entries in a superhero film series for 1 million times
  • The launch of the Quick Sing function this year has increased threefold in the number of karaoke songs that have been uploaded to JOOX over the past year, amounting to 590,000 karaoke songs
  • Gifts worth more than 21 million JOOX coins were delivered by JOOX users through the K-function and livestreaming shows as part of the interactive functions in JOOX

HONG KONG, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 2020 must be an unprecedented year for everyone — with a ton of changes in people’s daily lives including their music consumption patterns. Fortunately, no matter how the lives change, music will always stay. As 2020 comes to an end, JOOX unveils its 2020 music annual review in Hong Kong, sharing big data about Hong Kong people’s music habits on music streaming, karaoke singing, watching live, as well as their music tastes under the new normal. During the year when everyone has to put their masks on, which singers or songs successfully resonate with the public? With most physical concerts going online to follow social distancing measures, has everyone adapted to it? Let’s check it out.

JOOX unveils the 2020 Music Annual Review
JOOX unveils the 2020 Music Annual Review

Life may change, but music will always be a part of it

Hong Kong people’s life has now completely transformed, as people spend more time staying at home and reducing social activities. During the past year, JOOX observed that there has been a small change in JOOX local users’ music streaming habits — when people usually worked from home, users listened to songs anytime without a specific peak hour. When most Hong Kong people have resumed classes and regular work, e.g. from September to October, two peak hours of when local JOOX users listened to music were recorded — at 8am daily when they woke up for work or school, and 6pm after class dismissal or end of work and on their way back home. Other interesting music habits include:

  • During the work from home period, JOOX users in Hong Kong listened to more than 20 songs a day on average
  • The least streaming times are on Saturdays and Sundays, due to most Hong Kong people yearning for some fresh air during weekends after staying at home for work and classes during weekdays
  • What better way to enjoy some "me time" at home than watching movies? The total streaming time by JOOX users in Hong Kong is equivalent to watching all entries in a superhero film series for 1 million times

Let’s take a look at the "2020 top local music hits", to see the best played songs that accompanied Hong Kong people throughout the year.

Top 10 Most Streamed Songs (in no particular order):

  • How you like that – BLACKPINK
  • ???? — Terrence Lam
  • ????? — Hubert Wu
  • ???? — JC
  • ???? — Angela Hui
  • ???????????– Phil Lam, Angela Hui
  • ???? — Karen Mok
  • ????? — Dear Jane
  • ??– JUDE
  • ????? — Dear Jane

Apart from the top streamed songs, Cantopop star Eason Chan and diva Joey Yung surprised their fans by launching some news songs this year, and they also won the ‘Most Streamed Male Artist’ and ‘Most Streamed Female Artist’ respectively. As for the ‘Most Streamed Bands’, the winner is the famous boy band Dear Jane.

Top 3 Most Streamed Male Artists:

Top 3 Most Streamed Female Artists:

Top 3 Most Streamed Bands:

  • Top 1: Eason Chan
  • Top 2: Jay Chou
  • Top 3: Pakho Chau
  • Top 1: Joey Yung
  • Top 2: G.E.M.
  • Top 3: Sammi Cheng
  • Top 1: Dear Jane
  • Top 2: BTS
  • Top 3: BLACKPINK

The Big Data of Music and Entertainment — the number of uploaded karaoke singing and live broadcasting shows soar

JOOX currently has an extensive library of over 30 million tracks, allowing users to enjoy music anytime, anywhere. What’s more, JOOX users can also sing karaoke, watch live, share their favourite song list, record and post videos, send gifts and interact with idols via the K-function. The new Quick Sing feature allows music fans to sing and dance to the chorus of their go-to Karaoke songs anytime, anywhere!

JOOX also observed that more users have engaged in the karaoke function during the stay-at-home period. 590,000 karaoke songs have been uploaded to JOOX over the past year, a threefold increase compared to the previous year.

Among the top 5 most sung songs, four of them are also the most streamed ones. Looks like fans love listening and singing along with their favourite idols in JOOX.

  • Top 1: ????Terrence Lam
  • Top 2: ?????Hubert Wu
  • Top 3: ????Kayee Tam
  • Top 4: ????? – Dear Jane
  • Top 5: ????Angela Hui

In addition to the karaoke feature, JOOX has prepared many concerts and programs throughout the year for users to watch during their staycations. With nearly 200 music live shows and more than 170 artists, JOOX has brought users many wonderful performances, including "JOOX????" which was held for two weeks at the beginning of the year, inviting more than 20 singers to use music to heal music lovers when everyone was staying at home. And in August, JOOX collaborated with the music label Warner Music to create four "JOOX Staycation Live" shows. Four Warner singers and groups including Mag Lam, Janice, Alfred Hui and Dear Jane presented multiple songs for music fans, cheering for Hong Kong people during this difficult time.

JOOX also found out that Hong Kong users love interacting with singers and other karaoke lovers on the platform. In fact, active users on the platform have given out 10 million+ likes and 5.8 million+ comments in one whole year. A group of loyal listeners also like giving gifts to show their support. Hong Kong users have given out gifts worth more than 21 million JOOX coins this year.

A large number of K-Pop entertainment content allows users to interact with idols online

When it comes to the music taste of Hong Kong people, K-Pop can’t be underestimated. As mentioned above for the most streamed bands in 2020, BTS and BLACKPINK hold the second and third place respectively. Besides listening to K-Pop songs, JOOX Hong Kong users also enjoy watching K-Pop music awards and other live broadcasts. In 2020, JOOX has exclusively broadcast a variety of popular music shows, including the 29th Seoul Music Awards (Seoul Music Awards), the popular Korean talent show "I-LAND", and the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), an annual event in the Korean music scene. What’s more, JOOX also launched its own original K-Pop music live program "IDOL STATION" for the first time, allowing K-Pop fans to chat with their beloved oppas online.

No matter how the world changes, JOOX will continue to do its job — bringing users countless music entertainment experiences in 2021 with different types of music events and programs. Stay tuned for JOOX’s latest updates in the upcoming year.

With more than 30 million songs in its music library from all over the world, JOOX takes all users’ favourite artists, songs, albums and personalized playlists and puts them right into the palm of users’ hands. Enjoy the choice of music anytime, anywhere by downloading JOOX mobile or desktop app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website.

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