IPLUSMOBOT launched end-to-end intelligent logistics solutions for the global lithium battery industry

HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, IPLUSMOBOT is a leading indoor and outdoor multi-scenario innovative manufacturing logistics service provider in China that just launched a cutting-edge end-to-end intelligent manufacturing logistics solution for a global market in the session forum on "Lithium manufacturing automation transformation."

IPLUSMOBOT is a representative enterprise of domestic autonomous mobile robots deeply engaged in the new energy field. Its products and solutions meet the development needs of the lithium battery industry and assist in upgrading this industry’s smart manufacturing.

IPLUSMOBOT designs end-to-end unmanned smart manufacturing logistics solutions that meet users’ requirements of lithium battery production, from raw material transportation to battery cell/module/pack manufacturing. Moreover, the company’s solutions seamlessly interconnect with production equipment for production scheduling and coordination by means of a unified and powerful logistics software platform—achieving the comprehensive digitalization from manufacturing to logistics.

The production line logistics of the front-end cell process poses heavy demands regarding material transportation efficiency, accuracy, and punctuality. To satisfy these demands, IPLUSMOBOT has developed a series of special robots—such as the cartridge-changing AMR and the cantilever AMR—that tackle the key pain points of battery production workshops. These workshops require manual assistance in processes such as slitting, die-cutting, baking, and lamination. These robots conduct the unmanned automation of the logistics of the core processes, and their high docking accuracy of ±1mm greatly improves the flexibility of production.

IPLUSMOBOT’s smart forklifts can be used in back-end module/pack factories for smart transportation, stacking, loading and unloading of pallets, and automatic transportation in sites with shelves close to each other, personnel and vehicles co-working, and narrow lanes. The omnidirectional lifting AMR is applied to the smart and flexible transportation of semi-finished products between the various processes in the smart assembly and inspection links of the pack line. It can load up to 2t without compromising stability or performance. To take another robot as an example, the roller lifting AMR has a docking accuracy of ±5mm/±0.5° that allows it to precisely and stably dock with the equipment on site. Also, it conducts the smart and flexible loading and unloading of auxiliary box pallets.

Chen Shouxian, CEO of IPLUSMOBOT, added: "IPLUSMOBOT leverages its full-stack robotics technology and excellent solution capabilities for smart logistics to constantly analyze user needs, improve user experience, and provide users with high-value smart manufacturing logistics solutions."

IPLUSMOBOT currently has a broad selection of AMR robot products for each process segment of lithium battery production. These robots have been applied in many well-known leading lithium battery enterprises and significantly improved their productivity.


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